This article, Pineapple Bomb, is property of Supreme Dark Kai.

Pineapple Bomb
Anime name Pineapple Bomb
Manga name Pineapple Bomb
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu
Class Attack

Pineapple Bomb is a fake attack used by Rasetsu. It is an explosive energy sphere technique and is similar to the energy ball the frieza uses to destroy planet nameks core during his fight with Goku. When using this attack, Rasetsu will teleport a few meters over the heads of his enemies and raise his hands over his head manifesting a large spiky ball of bright orange energy similar to the top of a pineapple inbetween his hands. He then proclaims the name of the technique and forces the energy down on his opponents head generating a massive explosion dome upon making contact with them, incinerating everything caught within the blast.

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