This article, Perpetual Nightmare Attack, is a Role-Play article.

Perpetual Nightmare Attack
Anime name Perpetual Nightmare Attack
Manga name Perpetual Nightmare Attack
Alternate names Perpetual Nightmare Attack
Debut SDBW
Appears in SDBW
Inventor Rasetsu
Users Rasetsu(Usually transformed)
Class Attack

Perpetual Nightmare Attack is another torturous and deadly technique used by Rasetsu. Due to its cruel and violent nature he refrains from using it, but in higher transformations he can't stay his hand enough to stop it. This attack is noted to be an exceedingly cruel and sadistic attack, even by the standards of somebody as usually violent as Rasetsu himself.


The Perpetual Nightmare Attack is similar to Majin Buu's Human Extinction, however it is much more meticulous and sadistic. When performing this technique, the user places there palm on the opponents body, usually upon the face, gut, or chest while they are restrained or incapable of moving, and unleashing point blank powerful energy blasts. These blasts keep coming and coming until Rasetsu is satisfied with the damage he has done or the opponent somehow manages to escape the barrage.

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