This article, Perk Tags, is a Role-Play article.

Perk Tags are these tags that tie around to things, usually the end of swords. When dropped to the ground, a puff of smoke appears as if it was a Capsule. When the smoke disappears you have activated a Tag Perks. Perks are add ons, or Power-Ups that help you through battle. They were invented from the magic of Takeda Shingen.

Tag Perks

  • Friendship Tags - These tags allow you to summon a giant version of a person into battle with you, as an ally. Eg. Samurai Friendship Tag: Allows you to summon a giant ally samurai to assist you in battle!
  • Health/Food Tags - These tags poof into food, or health power-ups. Eg. Ramen Food Tag: Summons a bowl of Ramen.

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