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Paradox Zan
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Paradox Zan is a form of . This version of Zan was created by great anger, and hate beyond any other. He is also orgined from the Agaran Village, and is the founder and only teacher of Agara's School For Anyone, a school who accepts anyone without any request of pay.


A Paradox Fighter is Made

After the arrival of , Zan joined in a fight against him. After getting mercyless beat with all of his friends, Zan was stuck in a building.. He then grew a kiai that gave off heat, then turned in flaming orange aura. After achieving his partial Paradox Mode, he tried to attack Dense and was in a battle for his life. After his attempt to seal Dense with Gravity Style: Ultimate Paradox, was a fail. After a fierce battle, Zan finally ended the battle by sealing Dense inside the Paradox Chamber forever.


Partial Paradox Mode - An orange surrounding aura. Base - Bright red aura

Half Paradox Mode - Same as partial paradox

Full Paradox

Cosmic Speed - Green Aura

Heated up - Fire Aura, which gives off heat as well

Super Paradox - A giant burst of flaming aura surrounding him everywhere he goes.

Techniques & weapons

Ki based Techniques, and Rushing Techniques

  • Matter Kamehameha
  • Paradox Kamehameha
  • Dimension Leap
  • Dimension Killer
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Double Big Bang Attack
    Zan Jr 100 Tails Paradox

    Partial Paradox Zan Jr.

  • Big Bang Barrage
  • Ultra Maximum Flasher

Chakara Based Techniques

  • Chidori
  • Rassengan
  • Sparking Rassengan - Chidori, and Rassengan together.

Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu

  • Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Sexy Jutsu - Many versions of it.
  • Gravity Style: Cosmic Speed
  • Gravity Style: Gravity Shift
  • Gravity Style: Gravity Erupt
    Partial Paradox

    Half Paradox Zan Jr

  • Gravity Style: Ultimate Paradox

Elemental Techniques

  • Earth Barrier (Defence)
  • Wind Cacoon
  • Earth Barrier (Attack)
  • Matter Canon

Other Techniques

  • Sharingan - All types.
  • Rinnegan - Rarely ever used.
  • Agaragan - Uses the most.


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