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Out of Control Saiyan is a transformation reached by many Saiyans, mainly the Future versions of them. 

Out of Control Saiyan
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Personal Status
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History of the transformation

The early Saiyans were not so strong compared to Bardock, Goku and Vegeta. Therefore, as a defense mechanism against more powerful enemies such as the feared Legendary Super Saiyan, they achieved this form, but only at the end of their lives (presuming they fell in battle). The transformation worked as such. Being near death, a Saiyan would grow desperate. Emotions would flow out. Therefore, their power increased multiple times, almost matching an Ascended Super Saiyan. However, the emotions that flowed out and the power boost took a heavy toll on their brains. As such, they lose the abilitiy to think, leaving them nothing else but mindless brutes. 

After an estimated time of five minutes, they would die automatically, because of them being exhausted and at the brink of being destroyed.


The users eyewhites grow white, like a LSSJ. Then, they grow bulky, often classified as fat by normal humans. Their aura loses shape completely and their hair grows wider and wider.


  • Future Goku
  • Future Vegeta
  • Future Gohan

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