Original Super Saiyan
or "OSSJ" was the first ssj transformation in existence and one of the most powerful. Instead of focusing on power it boosts up ones physical attributes to incredibly huge levels beyond anything else they could ever obtain in any other form. It is very hard to unlock and the exact attributes the needed to be met to obtain it went unknown for a very long time.

Power & Usage

To become an OSSJ, the user must give in to their primal desires and natural instincts, and embracing the true nature of their Saiyan Pride. Only then can one transform into an OSSJ. The Original Super Saiyan, as the name suggests is a form that was used by the first Super Saiyan in existence. It doesn't multiply the users power by much but the speed, strength, and durability granted to ones body in this form are all out of this world. In this state the user gets golden brown fur and a tail similar to the ssj4 transformation, while their eyes darken to black with red centers. Their features become more primal and they lose their eyebrows like in ssj3.

The hair of the user changes to be like that of a seemingly normal ssj transformation but it obtains a golden brown tint to it while thick purple lines surround their eyes. The teeth sharpen and become very predatory while the finger and toenails become long, dark, blade-like talons that are powerful enough to slice the katchin to some degree. In this form the user is like an animal and even if they could fly before they prefer to leap everywhere as their legs become so stronger they can leap to and from different planets. The user might also walk on all fours like an ape.

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