This article, Omus, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Omus, is a Role-Play article.


The god super saiyan

Omus is the first user of the God Super Saiyan.


He has all the Super Saiyan forms 1-10 and a new form, The God Super Saiyan.


Base form

Darkness gun: A much more powerful version of Vegeta's Galick Gun.

Hell claw: He raises his hand, summoning dark Ki into his hand, The ki forms razor talons which he strikes the target with.

Negative Karma Ball: Same as Omega Shenron's.

Super Saiyan 10

Nightmare Gun: A more powerful version of the Darkness gun,he fires three beams instead of one and the beams also generate energy bombs

Hell sword: He can generate a sword made out of negative Ki

God Super Saiyan

He has all of his other abilities but more powerful, he has 5 new attacks

Negative Karma Ball X: The dark version of the universal spirit bomb,he absorbs all of the negative energy in the universe and generates it into a negative karma ball

Negative Karma wave: A extremly powerful Kamehameha-like attack

Negative Karma Disk: A dark duplicate of the Destructo disk, but bigger and more damaging

Negative Karma Thunder: A more powerful version of dragon thunder, it is black instead of red

Negative Karma Bomb: He absorbs alot of negative energy, and releases it in a large burst

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