This article, Omega Manticore, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Omega Manticore, is a Role-Play article.

"I can see now why you chose this boy...He was bannished to a Living Hell...And he survived it...He survived without his parents or any family or friends at all...I see alot of you in him..."
— Clockwork,speaking to SS upon Manticore's new transformation

Omega Manticore
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Omega Manticore is one of Manticore's transformations. At the moment, it is Manticore's most powerful transformation. It surpasses any other form SM or SS used by far.


Manticore gained this new form while training in his Ultima Stage 3. His power increases 10 times it's original level.


Manticore gains a blue helmet, with a red and white chest plate, red and white arms and blue legs.


In this form,Manticore is ruthless. He has no mercy whatsoever. If he sees someone trying to destroy a planet,he won't stop until that person is eliminated. He is described as "The Greater Good in the Universe" because he serves,not any stupid team that says they are fighting for Good and Peace but,the actual Universe and all who inhabit it.


Manticore's power in this form is unlike any other transformation SS ever used. His power increases 10 times what it originally was. If he goes full power in it...The entire universe would be at risk.


"...You think you're so powerful..You say you are stronger than me...Well...Would you care to say that to my face again?"

"I'm giving you to the count of three to get the hell out of my sight..."

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