This article, Ogre, is a Role-Play article.


Ogre is a powerful being and an ancient enemy to the Saiyans.



Ogre's first (Ancient) form resembles a tall, muscular humanoid with dark green skin. He wears various types of Aztec jewelry and a large golden helmet/headdress with long orange hair. He also has a small round shield attached to his left arm.

Ogre's second (True) form, stands not much taller than its first, but is hunched over to an extent. In this incarnation he barely resembles a human, with a large frame, dark brown fur, a monstrous face, a tail, wings, horns, and a snake in place of a right arm. All of the jewelry Ogre wore in his previous form disappear, save for one leg armlet. Also, in this form, the area surrounding him will become pitch black, or extremely dark.

Ogre's third form is less of a drastic change from his first to second, but is much larger overall, appearing to be several stories high. In this form he has a golden and aqua color, and more closely resembles a large dragon or dinosaur. He features many more horns lining his limbs and elongated head, and also has four large spikes protruding from the sides of his mouth.


Ancient Kamehameha: A green powerful variation of the Kamehameha wave

Ancient Iron Fist: He raises his hand,then uses instant transmission to appear in front of the opponent,he charges energy and strikes the opponent downwards

Ancient Evil Finisher: He Dropkicks then punches rapidly,fires three green ki blasts and finishes with a uppercut and a Ancient Kamehameha

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