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is the ultimate and finishing move that Tenchi obtains access to in his Destructor Form. Obliterate is the strongest energy sphere technique in existance, even more powerful then that of the Universal Spirit Bomb. When being used, Tenchi will channel billions of "Infinitons" worth of cosmic magical energy into a hyper compressed golden sphere and then throw it at his target. Obliterate is unimaginably hard to dodge as Tenchi's Destructor form can throw it "faster than time" alltogether. At the very least it homes in on its targets at hundreds of qaudrillions of times the speed of light.

After making physical contact with its target the energy sphere becomes unstable and releases all its explosive force in an extremely focused explosion, capable of growing bigger with no known upper limit to how much mass it can gain, as Tenchi controls the technique. When expanding, Obliterate destroys the target and anything else caught within the blast radius in every imaginable way possible, destroying them right down to their very "concept". This makes it impossible for them to regenerate or be wished back to life, as no genetic data, flesh, or spirit remains after the golden energy field generated by Obliterate explodes.

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