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Nijigan is an eye technique or, Dōjutsu which is even more powerful than all Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan.

Abilities, and Usage

Nijigan is able to slow down time a bit, and make the move they need. They also have the power to heal people, just by looking into their eyes. Yet, the best power of the Nijigan is that they are able to pass on the gift. By looking into another's eyes while having Mangekyō Nijigan activated you can give the other person the power to use Nijigan, but to achieve Mangekyō Nijigan they must train hard. (This only works on other Desaku's.)


  • Zan Jr. (Universe 33 (All three)
  • Vegitax (All three)
  • Kage (The first two)
  • Michael Iron
  • Truth (The first two)
  • Starkiller (All three)
  • Jamez (all three)
  • Mars (All Three)
  • Leogian (All Three)

Mangekyō Nijigan Gallery

Infinity Mangekyō Nijigan Gallery


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