This article, New Vegeta, is a Role-Play article.

Planet Vegeta by YukiOshi

New Vegeta is a planet with the same set up as Planet Vegeta. Except for the buildings. It was brought into existence by Kotaz. He asked Shenron to create a New Planet Vegeta. So he did. Kotaz rules this planet.


The Flag Of New Vegeta

Prince kid vegeta

Royal Armor Worn By Kotaz

Ligesh Attacks

Ligesh attacked New Vegeta, trying to take over. Almost everyone was killed. Kotaz deafted Ligesh with the help of Destiny. Then the planet was restored and left in peace.

Jaaku's Reign

Jaaku started attacking and ruling over parts of the universe. Kopazo, running out of options, took New Vegeta and used extreme force to smash it head on into Jaaku. The planet was wished back after the fight.

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