This article, Nephlyte Super Sapien, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Nephlyte Super Sapien, is a Role-Play article.

"I suppose... no matter what, this is what I am. This is what we are. We humans, created by God, tainted by the devil... we are an abomination. Even the greatest of us are not above the curse of human nature it seems. We humans exist to fall, to burn, and to be forgotten. Not a single one of us is innocent. Not even I... the so called chosen one."


Nephlyte SSN Darshe

The Nephlyte Super Sapien 
is the final, fully developed, form of Super Sapien and the one that the gods feared most. Darshe was the first and is the only one yet who has ever fallen this far. The Nephlyte Super Sapien is extremely powerful, by far being the strongest state of Super Sapien yet, towering in power over the previous forms. However, it is also the most dangerous and most inherently evil of the three transformations by far.


The Nephlyte Super Sapien is the ultimate curse of the humans, and the force responsible for the bloodshed, fire, war, and hate that the human species thrives upon. It is the true nature of humans in its purest and most undiluted form, and once accessed, transforms the Sapien into a being as dark as the devil himself. The Nephlyte Super Sapien is characterized by its evil features and extremely menacing appearance in comparison to the previous forms. The hair is dyed a sick dark purple and the whites of the sapiens eyes are completely turned an evil black. Devilish tribal-like patterns run over both eyes and the Sapien has a constant evil smirk on their face.

Usage & Power

This form is the true nature of humans, the sad truth. Deep down inside, all humans are full of darkness and the need to hate and destroy one another, this is the form that brings such darkness to the surface and transforms it into raw power. The Nephlyte Super Sapiens chi is by far the darkest and most menacing form of chi in existence and is enough to shock the devil himself while he is in hell. No matter what, as long as a Super Sapien has reached their second power, they are going to enter this state sooner or later. The period for becoming this darkness is called "The Fall Down Interval" whereby the Sapien becomes completely inverted from their previous selfless and righteous selves.


  • The official theme-song that plays when the Sapien falls to this form is always I AM HELL by Machinehead.

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