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NN, the clone of Noah

NN (Negative Noah) is minor a RP of King Piccolo16.

He is a clone of Noah, created on New Namek


Originally, his appearance was quite like Noah's, except with dark purple eyes. When he mutated, he gained another Super Saiyan form. He became incredibly bulked and his pupils vanish. He stayed in this form permanently.


His personality was exactly like Noah's after his 4 years of meditation. He was calm in battle, yet relished his opponent's suffering. He believed that Frieza was the strongest that the universe had ever known, and that if he was worthy, he would surpass him.


NN was created by the residents of New Namek. Some of Noah's dark DNA was left behind after witnessing Frieza's defeat at the hands of Goku. When Namek was reconstructed, the DNA partially regenerated. Some the Namekians gave some of their energy to it (a costly mistake), and Noah was completely re-created.

The Natives planned to use him and his planet-shattering strength for only defense and peace. However, he proved quite unstable, so the Namekians decided to destroy him before he gained too much power. One in particular, offered to do it himself. He did the opposite, and continued to feed him his energy. His plan was to use NN to rule the universe. This namek's dark energy corrupted NN, and mutated him. This caused his muscle mass to increase, and hair to change to green in color. He then murdered the namek in cold blood, and left the planet, on his way to earth. On his way there, he encountered the original Noah, clinging to life, and knew that he had to do something. He healed him, and explained his life. With that, Noah had a plan. To fuse with him, and the resulting being would have power much greater than them combined. NN believed that this was not needed, but they went to earth together, in hopes that they could simply win as a team, rather than as a fused being.


In theory, NN has every technique that Noah possessed at the time that his DNA was left, and possibly some that the Namekians taught or his own original ones.

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