This article, Multiple Fusion, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, Multiple Fusion, is a Role-Play article.

Multiple Fusion is the name of any fusion technique that involves the fusing together of more than just two people (unlike the Fusion Dance and Potara Earrings).


There are multiple ways to perform a multiple fusion, either physical contact or just magical; as long as the life energies are merging together. Doing this creates a single physical being with the random characteristics of each of the fusees, including voice and appearance.

The form not only fuses the people, but it also increases the power by 10x. The technique was performed thousands of years ago by the ancients, but was lost in history, until being found again by the Lookout Crew.


Universal War arc - Kuzon, while searching the Great Library, discovered a large book titled 'G.O.D.' which explained the Gods of Death and mentioned universal fusion. He told the Lookout Crew of it and they performed it, becoming Migizoro, to use against the God of Death, Heatusphus.

Great Universal Revolution - After existence reloaded and rendered Ninthalor weaker to where he could be actually beaten. After a short battle, the Lookout Crew performed existential fusion, with the life and soul energy of every being in existence being merged into the ultimate being--the Savior of the Omniverse.

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