The village controlled by Monster Carrot

Monster Carrot's Village (ウサギ団の町) is a remote village located in the west part of Diablo Desert, south of Pilaf's Castle. The village has no official name, but is considered Monster Carrot's village because of his former control over the people.


The village seems very independent and advanced enough to live on its own. The people fear the Rabbit Gang, as well as Bulma when she was wearing the bunny costume that Oolong gave her. Monster Carrot's goons were stopped by Goku and Monster Carrot was defeated by him with the help of Yamcha. After the defeat, Monster Carrot and his goons were brought to the moon to make marshmallow treats for children leaving his reign of terror on the village to an screeching halt.

Bulma gets new clothes and buys capsules in this village. The shop where Bulma gets her new clothes is named "Dressmaker's" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Video Games

Goku fights Monster Carrot in this village in Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo and Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen.

In Dragon Ball: Origins, Goku fights the Rabbit Mob here (Monster Carrot is fought in his hideout). In level 7-1, Goku returns here when he was looking for a curvy girl for Master Roshi, he asks one of the villagers, who tells him about the Muscular Lady in the Mushroom Forest. In the bonus level 5-5, Goku returns to the village and learns that the remaining members of the Rabbit Mob continue to threaten the village, so he returns to their hideout to confront them. In the bonus level 5-6, Goku returns to the village once again while he is on a journey after the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and asks one of the villagers if he knows a strong opponent, the villager tells him about a stranger (Nam) looking for food in the Mushroom Forest. In the bonus level 6-6, "Pilaf Must Be Stopped", the village is terrorized by the Pilaf Gang who hired Ranfan to help them; the village is saved once again by Goku who defeats Ranfan at Pilaf's Castle.

Known Residents

  • Monster Carrot
  • Rabbit Mob
  • Dressmaker
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