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Professional Status
Personal Status
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Miya is the main RP Character of SuperSaiyanGirl90. She is a Female Saiyan who loves to fight and help people. She loves butterflies. She is always up for a good fight when needed.


Miya was born to 2 Saiyan couples long ago, the couples were running from Frieza and after they were caught on Earth by Frieza, her parents let baby Miya go out of the ship, while her parents were murdered by Frieza. The little cub made her way to Satan City, where an elderly couple found the baby and took her into their care and raised her. Soon , she met The Lookout Crew, and she began a new life, of training and becoming stronger.


Miya has light brown hair with loops on the end over her shoulders. She usually wears a white or purple Gi with a black or yellow undershirt. She has pretty blue eyes. As a Super Saiyan, she has golden hair that sticks up.

Transformations with Power Levels

  • Super Saiyan (175,500,000)

Miya as a Super Saiyan.


Attacks and Techniques

  • Ki Blast
  • Kamehameha
  • Ultimate Blaster


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