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This character, Mitsubi, is a main Lookout RP character!

Evil saiyan



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This character, Mitsubi, is a main Lookout RP character!

Mitsubi is an Ex-Saiyan soldier, he was in a special branch of the Saiyan Army, noting his armor has a different coloration. His name is a pun on a Japanese herb.


His hair is similar to Teen Gohan's hair style, in other words he has bed hair. He wears black, purple, and gray Saiyan armor. He has a gray jumpsuit with black and purple boots along with gray gloves.


Mitsubi lost his parents at a very young age to Frieza, he fought Frieza but almost died. So he ran to Earth to seek safety. The little incindent turned him from a joyful person who loves to fight to a violent warrior. He is very similar to Vegeta, attitude wise. He is proud of his Saiyan heritage and believes that Saiyans should be proud warriors and fight and not cry. Although he is very loving to people he cares but he never shows it due to not having any friends with him. He can also be quiet, stubborn and sometimes likes to be alone.


As a kid Mitsubi only had 2 friends, a female named Fava (who also joined his team) and Vegeata (which is why most of his moves are similer to Vegata's. He could always be found with Fava if Vegeta wasn't around. He loved her a lot but lost her to Frieza along with his parents. And Vegeta was his best friend they trained together and taught each other moves. When Mitsubi was maybe 10 (or somewhere around the same age as Vegeta). Frieza decided to destroy Planet Vegeta. And for a unknown reason Frieza decided to personally kill Fava and and Mitsubi's parents but that is what changed him he was never the same. After the "massacre" Mitsubi escaped to Earth.


Incineration Cannon:Similar to Big Bang attack but is done much more quickly and is purplish-reddish. At full power it is blackish-red

Galick Gun (his own version):Instead of putting 2 hands to his side then firing, he charges 2 powerful ki waves in both hands. Then he puts his hands to his side. Making it more powerful. So it is similar to Vegeta's Galick Gun.

Decimation:He simply rush attacks the oppenent then kicks them to the ground stunning them. Then he fires an Incineration Cannon.

I'll make you pay...with your life:He stuns the opponent with a swift punch to the jaw, punches them into the air. Then he teleports above them and rapid punches them in mid air, than double axe hammers them back down the ground. After that he engulfs them in an energy blast.


Great Ape

Super Saiyan


The inspiration for his creation is Vegeta (Mostly because Vegeta is my favorite character in DBZ and DBGT)

He has a similar hair style to Gohan

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