This article, Mirroring Black Dragon, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Mirroring Black Dragon, is a Role-Play article.

Mirroring Black Dragon
Mirroring Black Dragon technique is an attack invented by Tsuki Shatogen.

He first makes a giant, brown, one-tailed beast with his lightning which was several black marks all over its body. Tsuki jumps to its head and orders the beast to charge at the opponent, a clone of Tsuki appears hanging on from the tail of the beast. The real Tsuki jumps off the beast and slashes at the opponent, he flips back several times while the beast is still charging at the opponent. The beast swings its tail at the opponent which makes the clone of Tsuki hurl towards the opponent, the clone has a Lightning Cutter in his hand and hits the opponent with it and dodges the beast's tail making the tail hit the opponent. Both Tsuki and the clone come from above and both use Crescent Moon Slash.

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