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"How do you prove that we exist...? Maybe we don't exist...Maybe this is all some big dream someone is having. You can't assume that we truely exist. All that we have that we think created us is the constant struggle of light and darkness...Sometimes there seems to be more darkness than light...But the light is always there. It might not be as obvious all the time but it's always there. You just have to look hard enough..."

Name Mirage
Kanji 蜃気楼
Romanji miraj
User BrightDarkneSS
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Height 4'5"
Weight 85 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Ghost Pirate Gang
Occupation Stealing from others
Address Ghost Galleon
Personal Status
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Mirage is the Co-Main RP Character of BrightDarkneSS.


Mirage is a very mysterious person. He is a very short man who wears a hat that covers all but his eyes on his face. He wears a blue jacket. He is known to be a very skilled wielder of magic. One day,He appeared on Kaizoku's ship. He told Kaizoku his name and that he knew nothing else about himself. Kaizoku and Mirage became good friends after meeting. His A.I. was "Beta" for failure. Which shows how Mirage was short,didn't talk much, and only was on the Crew for a short time.


Mirage is a fairly short life-form. He has two yellow eyes and a completely round,all-black head. His clothing differs depending on where exactly he is. When training,fighting,or using magic,Mirage has a blue robe and a brown hat that covers his face. When relaxing,or in a public area,the robe he wears becomes a jacket,the hat remains,he has green and white striped shorts with brown shoes. He also wears brown gloves.


Mirage is a pretty quiet guy. He rarely ever shouts,unless somebody calls him short,and usually keeps to himself in a large group. He is always willing to help out with his magic.


  • Zen Star
  • Thundaga (Lightning magic)
  • Firaga (Fire Magic)
  • Blizzaga (Ice Magic)
  • Magic Zen Star
  • Tri Beam
  • Death Beam
  • Destructo Disk
  • Magic Spirit Bomb
  • Elemental Cosmic Flare (Zen Star Alteration/Finisher)
  • Bright Darkness (Zen Star Alteration which causes him to transform/Main Finisher)



Bright Darkness

True Mirage

Major Battles

Against Nikad and Teen Ethan,Win


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