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Michael Iro
Michael Iro
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Michael Iro is the reincarnation of the deceased Michael Iron, being killed through the dark, black, ominous water that was created by Sub-Zero Valentine.

The dark energy that surged through Michael's molecules, absorbing it which formed into a new body. Which Michael's spirit later entered causing him to live again and be reincarnated, but this time way more stronger, with a new appearance, and new abilities.


Similar to Michael Iron, except different hair colour and outfit.


Michael Iro, is no different from his ancestor, Gohan or Michael Iron, he has great respect for the Earth shy, and happy most of the time, he is also very caring.

Apperance in SSJ

Looks just like Teen Gohan in his SSJ1 Form.

Handall Attacks

  • Death Beam
  • You Might Die This Time
  • Death Barrage
  • Punishing Rush
  • Destroy The Planet
  • Tail Slam
  • Punish Ball
  • You Need To Die!
  • I'll See You In The Other World!
  • Forgive Me Earth!
  • Shockwave Bomb
  • Time To Die!

Apperance in Handall Form

Grows a Frieza tail and also looks like Frieza's 2nd form transformation, except no horns. Also he grows a sword on his back and he stabs the sword into the ground and asorbs bugs enegry. Then It comes out blue and the Sword is alive so It's power level is the same in Handall Form.

SSJ Michael Iron Attacks

  • Super Shockwave (More damage costs more ki and more explosion radius.)
  • Quick Combo (even longer combo.)
  • Mini Barrage (Even more projectile balls fired.)
  • Super Hellzone Grenade (Alot of orange ki balls fired around.)
  • Super Annoying Ki Blast (More damage done and even lesser ki to use.)
  • Super Destructo Fist (Can be punched into the ground and makes mini destructo disk to fire at the opponent)
  • Super Five Powered Punches (More Damage Bigger Explosion Radius more Ki to use.)
  • Advanced Martial Arts
  • Enraged Violent Burst (Spikes up Power level then drops it back down and Does more damage and bigger alternate Shockwave.)
  • Fast Follow Up Kicks (Faster More Damage Bigger Explosion Radius.)
  • Ultimate Wolf Claw (More damage bigger kamehameha More ki for it to take in.)
  • Super Kamehameha
  • Super Aura Burst (Reduces more damage takes barely any ki to use.)
  • Super Full Power Enegry Wave
  • Crotch Blast


Iron Shield

The Light One

[1]Michael Iron in ape formShock Sword

Ultimate Attacks

  • Base Form Ultimate Attack: Shockwave Kamehameha
  • SSJ1 Form Ultimate Attack: Super Shockwave Kamehameha
  • SSJ2 Form Ultimate Attack: No More!
  • Raging Mode Form Ultimate Attack: You think that's all?!
  • Handall Form Ultimate Attack: Hell Cash!
  • Aura Curse Form Ultimate Attack: Curse Buster
  • Kaioken Form Ultimate Attack: Atom Dive Bomb
  • Mystic Form Ultimate Attack: Mystic Crusher
  • Saiyan Spirit Form Ultimate Attack: I have pride!
  • Dragon Saiyan Form Ultimate Attack: Dragon Pride
  • Ascended Super Saiyan Form Ultimate Attack: This is it!
  • Original Super Saiyan Form Ultimate Attack: I'm WILD!
  • Super Saiyan 4: Starburst Super Nova

Attacks in Raging Mode

  • Rage Arts(A very insane art created by Michael Iron.)
  • Raged Punch(Lets out a quick power up as warning and then punches the opponent so hard there life flashes before there eyes even though there not gonna die.)
  • Rage Kamehameha
  • Super Enraged Shockwave Kamehameha(The Shockwave kamehameha is evil red and does critical damage and has white-hot burning damage.)
  • Enraged Iron Fist(If Iron fist punches the opponent the opponent will feel a light,heavy,hard pain depending on how strong they are. and they will fly back either way)
  • Super Enraged Ultimate Shockwave Bomb(The Shockwave Bomb traps the opponent and sends Michael Iro in and they fight in the shockwave bomb It could either be extended or smaller at will and can come back out if he wants. This is red lighting and does critical damage)
  • Enraged Mini Barrage(Blasts are turned red and is extened to 20 projectile balls. Also does critical damage)
  • Enraged Shockwave(The blast is red and does critical damage.)
  • Enraged Silent Combo(The user becomes silent and does even more damage and faster kicks and punches.)
  • Enraged Destructo Fist(The charge of ki is red and does critical damage also while charging it could be thrown and the opponent could be set on fire.)
  • Enraged Five Powered Punches(Charges the users fist only one time cause if has been charged anymore it would be an violent image of death.)
  • Raged Combo(Michael Iro yells out and then powers up and runs at the opponent at light speed and does a kick at the knee then knee's in the stomatch and then does a powerful uppercut into the air then kicks back down and then Michael Iron stops them and then puts a ki flying projectile to keep them in the air and basically beat the crap out of em.)
  • Enraged Follow Up Kicks(More damage Huger Blast Radius and charges 10 times and strikes 10 times.)
  • Raged Wolf Claw(Michael Iro charges his fist and then transforms the ki fist into a ki claw and strikes them basically anywhere and then proceeds on with the regular combo.)
  • Enraged Aura Burst(Deflects the beam attack back at the user when used.)
  • Enraged Full Power Enegry Wave(Less ki alot of damage.)

Apperance in Raging Mode

Michael Iro takes in a big Red Aura and then lets it out a huge yell and his Power level spikes up a bit. His hair is bright red like a False SSJ. It can be activated when ever it wants too. But only a short-time. When he gets mad thats where he can keep the form until he calms down. If he keeps getting mad he will stay in the form for even more time. He also his eyes get red.

"You've messed with me long enough.."
— When he is in raging mode

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Great Strength: From doing intense strength training with , Michael has gained more muscle mass and has gotten a lot stronger being able to lift a car with ease.
  • Great Power Level: Michael's power level was already strong but now that he is reincarnated with the dark energy and the agony race, his power level is greatly high.
  • Very Fast:Michael's agility is unmatched, Michael Iron was fast, but Michael Iro takes those traits and enhances them way greater.
  • Stragetizer:Michael Iro stragetizes in fights.
  • Moderate Amount Of Strength- He has a moderate amount of strength to fight with.
    • Moderate Amount Of Taking Damage- He can take alot of damage in fights.
    • Light- Michael Iron is pretty light so he can flip from tree to tree without using ki
    • Breath In Space- He can breath in space due to being Majin
    • Slow Regeneration- Michael Iro can slowly regenrate parts he loses but not very fast and not all the time.
    • Attack Fast- He can punch and kick pretty fast.
    • Recovers Fast- He can recover fastily out of unconsciousness.
    • Skilled In Melee- He can do more damage with punches and kicks.
    • Fast Learner- He can learn forms/attacks and many other stuff faster after awhile.
    • Doesn't Tired Easy- He doesn't tire out as easily
    • Good At Use Of Enviroment- Can use the enviorment to his advantage in fights.
    • Skilled at Swords- Good at battling with swords.
    • Get Used To How People Fight- He can usually get used to how people fight and anaylze weaknesses and strengths.
    • Good Inventor- He can invent attacks easily and can sometimes work along with gadgets.
    • Stealth- He can be very quiet and camouflage.
    • Good At Nature- Knows poisonous whats good what's not good to eat. Good with animals can survive in the wild without Ki.
    • Wild Ki User- Michael Iro isn't so familar with ki so he uses ki wildy giving it a sparking effect doing more damage and more speed.
    • Ki Enhancer- He can enhance anything with ki.
    • Pain Tolerance- He can tolerate medium amounts of pain, Moderate Amount Of Damage helps this ability.
    • Alot Of Strength-He has alot of strength, Moderate Amount Of Strength adds onto this and helps it.


  • Ki Use: Michael can use ki energy, which means he can use and create ki techniques.
  • Animal Summoning: Michael has inherited the power of the Animal Path from the Six Paths of Agony and now has the ability to summon animals.


  • Shockwave
  • Silent Combo
  • Fierce Combination
  • Mini Barrage
  • Hellzone Grenade
  • Annoying Ki blast
  • Five Powered Punches
  • Quick Combo
  • Adept Martial Arts
  • Violent Burst
  • Follow Up Kicks
  • Wolf Claw
  • Kamehameha
  • Aura Burst
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Shockwave Bomb
  • Shockwave Kamehameha
  • Nuking Destruction
  • Shock Combination
  • Crotch Blast
  • Dino Fist
  • Silent Rage
  • Standing Kamehameha
  • Perfect Game
  • Hoshi Canon
  • Hoshi Buster
  • No More!
  • Hell Cash!
  • Curse Buster
  • Death Ball
  • Mini Death Ball
  • Super Kamehameha
  • Destructo Disk
  • Change The Future!
  • After-Image]
  • You Might Die This Time
  • Ki Flying Projectile
  • This Might End You
  • Pressure Kick
  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Galactic Donut
  • Destructo Disk
  • Meteor Combination
  • Masenko
  • Wild Rush Blaster
  • Quick Combination
  • Blast Combo
  • After-Image Strike
  • Supreme Super Kamehameha
  • Ki Barrage
  • Rapid Energy Blast Barrage
  • Spinning Ki Combo
  • Fusion Dance
  • Explosive Domination


Animal path

[2]Michael Iron powering up extremely in his SSJ form[3]Michael Iron preparing for a blast*Animal Path Full Effect: Michael Iron's hair turns orange and his gi turns black, with his shoes turning blue. His skin becomes immune to the hottest temperatures and gains the power to absorb solar energy.

  • Normal Power Level:210,000,000(Stronger because training with Ian and Mars.)
    • SSJ1:218,986,870(Silently Raged and Keeps a portion of his personality..)
    • SSJ2:910,987,500(Enraged and Silent.)[4]Michael Iron after he hears he's up next.[5]Michael Iron listening to one of his allies.[6]Michael Iron preparing for a Kamehameha.[7]Michael Iron dodging a punch.[8]Michael Iron splitting his Ki at will.
    • Raging Mode:790,234,356(While in form my aura is red also yells alot.)
    • Handall:100,134,562,225(While In form I'm enraged.)
    • Aura Curse:400,298,700(Red and Purple Aura. Makes the user angry,mad and sometimes crazy.)
    • Kaio-Ken:100,173,500(A little mad but keeps the rest of personality.)
    • Mystic:900,103,200(Rarely ever used. Confident Stiff and Brave.)
    • Saiyan Spirit:700,100,100(A little mad and a little happy.)
    • [9]My NijiganGreat Ape(Brown)
    • Dragon Saiyan:156,700,000(Very Happy and Hyper)
    • ASSJ:178,709,786(Angry and Raged)
    • OSSJ:179,990,225(He is mad and also walks on all fours like an ape)
    • SSJ3:312,300,000,000
    • SSJ4:515,578,898,900
    • SSSJ:789,677,666,100,
    • SSSJ2:987,900,200,908,250
    • SSSJ3:1,984,200,809,789,992,000
    • SSSJ4:4,500,984,600,205,789,345,981
    • SSSJ5:9,800,125,340,500,723,150,000,145,000,190,345
    • Majin Super Saiyan:450,451,333,201,150,321
    • Golden Great Ape
    • Great Ape
    • SSJ5:78,945,100,000,125
    • Nijigan:700,000,000,000,000,000

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