is a knightly female warrior skilled in the art of swordsmanship and the secret techniques of focusing and manifesting ones Cosmic Supplice. She is the former apprentice of Aeolia, and one of the masters of Tenchi, due to the fact she believed he could eventually manifest the Kami Supplice itself. She developed a romantic attraction to Tenchi due to the fact that he did no view her as imposing or unladylike in her pursuit for power and the immense sense of justice she had in her lifetime.


Like her sisters, Mia is a beautiful young woman with long, flowing, scarlet colored hair. She has a love of the arts of Cosmic Supplice has shown by the fact that she is always wearing some form of Supplice armor over her body. Due to her mannerisms and strictness, many men have made fun of her by calling her too manly etc, Tenchi was the only one she met in her lifetime that did not ostracize her like this.


Mia is a strict individual who firmly believes in hard work and has an extremely strong sense of rules and justice. She can be strange and self absorbed at times and often ignores it completely when things go wrong for her. As the middle sister of the three sisters Kendra, Mia, and Lola, she is an equal balance between the two. She does enjoy taking time off but often likes to be left alone and does not like to be seen as attractive in the eyes of men.


Powers & Abilities

Mia is an incredibly gifted swords-woman, a technique that goes hand in hand with her ability to generate and control the forces of Cosmic Supplice.

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