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The Mejè Saga [Mej-a] is the 5th saga in Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Saga before this is the Kuzon Saga, and the Saga after this is the Snake 2nd Saga. This features the fight between Kuzon and King Meje.

This Saga takes place 2 years after the Cabban Saga, and the Kuzon Saga is just a flashback in the saga line.

NOTE: All the "Meje"'s in this saga (and series itself) are all supposed to be Mejè (notice the e). I am too lazy and can't really make them all è's. If you can help if you can, feel free.


2 years ago Kuzon, and Goku defeated Cabban, and in between that time, The gang rested, Kuzon and them trained and the world was in peace and it still is......

Chapter 1: Plans......

On a Hot, Summer day, Bulma, Gohan, Goku and Kuzon are at Capsule Corp. Discussing something.....

Gohan: What was the name again?

Bulma: Planet Meje, somewhere near where Namek was..

Gohan: And what did you say was there? Corn?

Bulma: (Mad/Confused) Don't you remember anything! A race, that I've never seen before, but heard about, I thought that since Kuzon's never seen any other planets than his or this, "He and we" could see it, or visit....

Goku: I think it sounds cool! I wanna go! I can use instant transmission!

Gohan: Woah there, you don't even know what it looks like, you can't....

Goku: Oh, yeah...

Kuzon: (Walking) I heard something about "Meje"?

Gohan: You heard of it?

Kuzon: No, but I just don't get what your talking about....

Bulma: A planet neat where Namek was, you know what Namek was don't you?

Kuzon: No, I don't.

Gohan: It's where My dad, Goku defeated Frieza years ago.... Well not "Defeated" but "severly hurt"......It blew up after the fight....We thought Dad was dead....

Kuzon: Hmmmm.... Okay, what about Meje?

Bulma: Well..... I was thinking we could visit and let you see another planet...Like a Saiyan...

Kuzon: Okay.....

Gohan: How would we get there though?

Bulma: A spaceship you idiot!

Gohan: Now I feel old!

Meanwhile at Kame House.......

Goku: (Flying in) Hi....

Roshi: Goku! (Hugs him) How are you doin?

Goku: Fine......Um, I was gonna ask, what do you think about going to a Planet you don't really know much about?

Roshi: Is this some kind of trick question? Im not anwsering!

Goku: Not you going, I mean, Me, Gohan, Goten, Pan and Kuzon.

Roshi: Oh, well you did it before! I don't know, your choice, bye....

Goku: But I'm not done with you!

Roshi: What more could you want, I answered you!

Goku: Have you ever heard of Planet Meje?

Roshi: No such thing ever...I heard of Planet! but not Meje.....Sorry kid...

Goku: Okay (Flies out of house) Thanks!

Goku flies back to Capsule Corp. to talk to the others......

Goku: Well I talked to him......

Gohan: What did he say?

Goku: Nothing important.....

Gohan: Ehhh..... Well, Bulma just said that we can go and she's go a ship ready....

Goku: Cool, is Goten, Pan and Kuzon ready?

Gohan: Yeah, I am too.

Bulma: Okay...This is odd just leaving lik- Wait a minute! Vegeta!

Vegeta (Upstairs): What Woman!

Bulma: Are you ready to go?!

Vegeta: Go where?!

Bulma: Meje!

Vegeta: What the heck's a Meje?!

Bulma: Just come down here!

Vegeta (Walking down): What?!

Bulma: Go with the others.....

Vegeta: Where?!

Bulma: (Mad/Straight Face) Just get in the ship.........

Goku, Gohan, Kuzon, Pan, Goten and Vegeta are ready to head off to a unknown planet....Completely unawre of whats ahead of them...What will their journey there be like? Find out on the next Kuzon the 3rd legendary Super Saiyan!

Chapter 2: Space Trip!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku and the others thought they would go on a trip to a Planet named "Meje" somewhere in the near galaxy....What will their trip there be like? Find out now!

In the ship.....

Gohan: Well here's some snack! (Throws snack pile on table)

Goku: (Pileing through in) Mmmmm! I love the crunchies!

Gohan: You can't do that this whole trip, dad, save some food for us or i'll have to put you on lockdown!

Goku: (It's silent, Stares, Keeps pileing) Mm, yum yum, mmmm!

Gohan: (Sigh) Anyway, Is everyone else okay?

Goten: Sure....

Pan: If this ship had more air, it's hot in here......(Turns on fan)

Gohan: I'm trying! I'm pretty new at this....

Giru: Giru.....

Kuzon: Any steak?

Gohan: Not that dad hadn't ate.....But there is a bag of chip's..?

Kuzon: Fine....(Opens bag)

Goten: Well is there to do....?...

Kuzon: I'm going to train (Walk's away)

Gohan: Dad?

Goku: (Mouth full of food) I will when I'm done eating!

Goten: (With pen and notepad) Number 1, Don't bother Dad when eating..., like a lion....

Gohan: What's with the list?

Goten: Mom wanted me to make sure not to let dad get any smaller, so she's making write down everything to beware of and happens.

Gohan: (Breathe's heavily) Well Goodnight (Walk's away)...It's late you should to.

Goten: I will, I will! Just a little bit longer........

3 days later......

Giru: Giru.

Pan: How long is it until were there!?

Goten: It isn't to much longer is it Gohan?

Gohan: It shouldn't be to much longer, Maybe only 2 more day's......

Goten and Pan: Ehhhhh......(Sighs)

Gohan: How bout you Vegeta, you've been pretty silent for the trip?

Vegeta: Hmm... (Turn's head) I didn't wanna come anyway......Bulma......

Gohan: Comon, make the best of it...

Vegeta: Hmm.....

Gohan: Hey Kuzon, can you tell me anything else about the "Zinglys" you fought long ago?

Kuzon: Huh? Oh, uhhh, I'm not really in know...

Gohan: It's fine..

Kuzon: Can you tell me anything about Frieza, or Cell?

Gohan: Uhh, Well, Frieza was sick, and Cell was just, not right.

Kuzon: What do you mean?

Gohan: Frieza was just a long hard fighter. lot's of form's too...Gave Vegeta, Me, and Krillin, even Dad trouble..., And Cell, was just wrong..., but he was only good cause he made me and dad more powerful...especially me...But it's a long story, and I'm gonna go train..... See ya. (Walks away)

Kuzon: Okay then.... I guess I will too... (Get's up and walks away)

In the Gravity chamber....

Goku: He, ha! (Throwing fist's and leg's)

Gohan: Hey Kuzon, wanna help?

Kuzon: Sure....

Kuzon jumps up to Gohan and tries kicking him, but Gohan punche's Kuz. in the Stomach and throws him, Kuzon get's up and throws ton's of blasts at Goh., Gohan doe's back until both stop and start pummeling each other.... Kick by kick.....

Gohan: Kame, hame, HAAA!!!!!

Gohan's Kamehameha follows flying Kuzon across the chamber until Kuzon slams into Goku, and BAM, a large explosion.....

Goku: Aeaeaeae...(Dizzy with wall peice on head)

Kuzon: Ehhh, sorry bout that..... But i'll get you back!

Kuzon doe's a Gold Wjen blast at Gohan, who's not expecting it, making a big explosion.........

Gohan: (On floor) Darn.....

Kuzon: (Laughing) Now it's equal!

Gohan: Oh...Kuzon....One day......(One day face)

It's been 4 day's, and the gang is almost to Planet Meje....What will their arrival be like? Find out next!

Chapter 3: Planet Meje!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Pan, Goku and Kuzon were on their way to Planet Meje to have a look at a new planet, what will this large blue planet be like? Find out now!

In the Spaceship......

Goku: Hey! I can see the planet, it's close!

Gohan: I'll get ready to land (Walks back)

The ship get's closer and closer to Meje, and once their in the gravity, they start to land.... The ship finnaly touches down on the soil of the planet......

Goten: We made it!

Gohan: It almost look's like Planet Namek.....

The people of Planet Meje look up at the landing ship. The ship touches ground making a lot of dust fly.....The door opens fairly quickly and the dust slowly fade's away......

Pan: Wow!

Gohan: Well, let's see it!

Vegeta: I feel large power's here......

Goku: Well, let's go!

Goku, Kuzon, Goten, Pan, Vegeta and Gohan emerge from the ship, curious..

Meje: (Running up to the gang) Um, Hi travelers! Um, may I ask where you hail from?

Goku: Planet Earth

Meje: Uhhh.....Okay! I will lead you guy's to the visitor's station just on top of that hill (Points), Comon!

As the gang follow the Meje, they look at the enviorment and people of the planet, while the Mejes' look back at the gang confused, about how different they look than them.....

Meje: Well here we are! (Show's Large building)

Goku: Woah....

Gohan: Well let's get settled.

Goku: (Walking up to desk, to short to see over it) Hello, My names Goku, his name is-

Meje: Wait! You can't just walk in and say stuff! Now (Pull's out notepad and pen) Now, what was it?

Goku: Sorry, Goku

Gohan: I'm Gohan

Trunks: I'm Trunks

Goten: I'm Goten

Pan: I'm Pan

Kuzon: Hey, It's Kuzon.

Vegeta: (Back of line) Vegeta.

Meje: Okay......(Finishes writing) Now, move over to the Specialtys Station to see all the resort's and fun thing's you can do on Planet Meje, Thank you.

Goku: Good welcome (Walks to other desk)

Meje: Hello, here at this station you can read all kinds of pamplets and books about what fun things and where you can go here, it's made for new visitor's, would you like to read our newest one?

Goku: Sure! (Get's pamplet handed to him)

Goku: (Reading) Hmmm....Ohhh!

Trunks: What?

Vegeta: Is it a training center?

Goku: No, it's a Five-Star Resturant! I'm starving!

Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Pan fall back........

Goku: (Rubbing stomach) Mmmm.......(Thinking about food)

Meje: Uhhh.....well, if you need anything else feel free to come back anytime, 25/8!

Goten: 25/8?

Pan: I guess that's that their time on this planet.....

Goku: Let's move to the next station.

The gang move's to the final station.....

Old Female Meje: (Meanly) Hello, would you sob's like to buy a home, land, or specialty things?

Gohan: No, were just traveler's, crossing through.

Old Female Meje: Ohhh! Hey everybody (Yelling, silence in room, everybody looks) we got more travelers! yay! (Sarcasm), okay, if you currently here, you need a hand stamp and band.

The gang put their hand's under the glass window and get a band and stamped.

Old Female Meje: Okay, I'm supossed to ask you if you would want to stay at the Five-Star, Meje Hotel, made with the finest made bricks and mold's, the most comfortable beds, specialty items like fridge's, microwaves, Air and heating conditioner's, lights, and if you get the Nicer Rooms for not nicer price's, you can even get a Neon hall rider chair, free specialtys, and even a large Gravity room. The hotel also has a waterpark and a Garden dome to have a romantic dinner with your spouse. You get 500 Mejins to start with (Put's in Gokus' hand).

Goku: Wow! Sound's nice!

Female Meje: Ha ha....Now get out!

Goku and the others walk through a large blue glass door into a large Courtyard full of mingling Mejes', and a Huge Hotel with a sign saying, "MEJE HOTEL AND WATERPARK, THE FINEST FOR YOU", on the far left of the yard. A long Stone road goe's through it to a Large Wooden Gate going to the Main Capital City of the planet, while the Skyline can be clearly seen from behind it. The gang walks over to the Glass rotating door that enters the hotel......

Goku: Wow! This place is nice!

Trunks: I hope prices aren't like Planet Imecca.

The gang walk in the hotel to see ton's on Mejes' mingling again, and a large line on the front desk.....

Goku: Geesh.....

Goten: This is gonna be awhile....

After 2 hour's of constant waiting, the gang finnaly get's in line......

Female Meje: Ummmm, hello, uhhh, wait, uhh yes mamn? (On phone) Sorry, Oh yes? We are very busy.

Goku: Yeah, uhh I'd like-

Vegeta: Get the one with the Gravity room.

Trunks: Naturally.....

Female Meje: Okay, that would be.....420 Mejin's a night.

Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Pan are all surprised and freaked (Surprised Face)

Female Meje: Umm, you wan't a room with a Gravity room?

Goku: Yes

Female Meje: (Writing and looking at computer screen) Okay, the only empty room is Room 34 on the 3rd Floor. It was just cleaned.

Gohan: Thank you.

The gang plies through a crowd of people to the elevator where once again they are crowded. They eventually get to their room, ready for comfort.....

Trunks: Well let's-Woah! (Looks at room)

Pan: Wow! It's nice!

The room has 4 Large Bed on the Right wall of the room, and large TV on a dresser surrounded by 2 smaller dressers that have blue neon lights on them. The Carpet is Green with fuzzy blue dot's. There is a metal door in the back of the room which goes into the gravity chamber. The gang get's comfy....

Goku: Wow! These bed's are soft!

Vegeta: I'm going in the gravity chamber (Enters and the door closes, the gang hear's Vegeta go Super Saiyan inside)

Goten: That's Vegeta. Can't go day with out training.

Kuzon: I've never been in a hotel. Tell me, what are they for?

Goku: Well...People on Vacation or don't have a home usually come to a Motel or Hotel, pay and get their room and stay in a room like this for as long as they like as log as they pay the fee.

Kuzon: Huh...

Gohan: (Turns on TV)

TV ad: Buy soap! Its awesome, why? Because it is! Must be 18 or older to call. Now back to Mejepordy!

Gohan: Wow, nice channels.

Goten: Maybe we should buy some soap... (Bopped on head by Pan)

Goku: Gohan, could you pass me the directory?

Gohan: Why?

Goku: I wanna order a large pizza, I'm Hungry!

Everybody fall's over.....

Pan: Oh Grandpa........

Goku and the gang have gotten settled in on Planet Meje, and Gokus' still hungry! Will Goku get his food? Find out next!

Chapter 4: The King of Meje

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku and the gang got settled in on Planet Meje. After dealing with grouchy alien women and hours of waiting, they finally got a comfy hotel room. What will be the gang's adventure today? Find out now!

Waking up early in the morning at around 7:30, the gang get up out of bed....

Goten: I had a large night! I had a dream about a pretty girl....

Goku: I had a dream about food!

Pan: I had one about Unicorns!

Vegeta: I had a dream about becoming the most powerful saiyan in the universe and destroying Kakarot!

Everybody has the Seen that coming face....

Goten: No surprise there.... (Bonked on head by Vegeta)

Gohan: I didn't have a dream, well, I did see a history book....

Goten: Just like Gohan, so boring now......

Goku: He used to never like studying but now it's all he thinks about!

Gohan: Yeah yeah yeah......(Sick of that face)

Goten: At least I don't wear glasses! (Laughs hard)

Gohan: Goten, could you stop with the wisecracks!

Trunks: He must be "In the mood..."this morning.......

Goten: (Coming from corner of screen) Oh, like youuuuu don't do it tooo....

Trunks: Not as much as you.....

Goten: Grrrrrr... (Steaming mad)

Goku: Everybody stop fighting! Let's go find something to do!

Vegeta: I'm with Kakarot (Walks into Training room)

Goku: No you don't! (Forcefully pulls out of Training room door)

Vegeta: Well, what do you suggest we do, Foodface!

Goku: Whats that supposed to mean?!

Pan: STOPPP!!!!!

Silence in the room.....

Pan: I don't know why I ever come.......

After a few minutes the gang dress back into their clothe's and walk down to the continental breakfast to eat, while Goku practically piles it in his mouth, leaving all the other Mejes in the room staring and silent, while some of the kids hide behing their mothers.....

Pan: Grandpa, why, do you always do this to us! We the ones paying!

Goku: (Food stuffed in mouth) At least I won't be hungry for the rest of the day! Mmmm......The Blueberry donuts are surpreme! Mmmm.....

Pan: (Smashes hand on forehead)

Gohan: Hey, It says that we can visit the great King Meje in the Palace in the middle of Capital City, he states he likes to see other races, it's interesting....

Goten: Maybe we should visit..

Trunks: He's a king, what would he want with us?

Gohan: I don't know.....Well we don't get to do it very often, visiting a planetary King......

Goku: (Food in mouth) King! That sounds awesome, let's go! (Finishes last bite)

Goten: Let's pack our stuff, we can't afford to stay here another night....

Pan: Can't wait, and you Grandpa better not embarrass us!

So the gang head out from the motel, and pay for a ride to the Royal Palace....

In the Bus....

Pan: I feel weird being surrounded by huge, hardshelled people....

Tough Meje: Oh, little girl, what are you made of? (Grabs skin) Some kind of rubbery-like stuff? Flesh like.....

Pan: If I were you I would stop that.

Tough Meje: And exactly, what are you gonna do about it?!

All of a sudden a foot land's in the Mejes' face and he falls down crying....

Pan: Thats what I'm going to do about it, serves you right.

Gohan: We don't need to get in any trouble Pan, next time ignore him or we will get him.

Pan: (Mad) Grrr....

Goten: Hey look guys... (Pulls out a pamplet from seat) It's a pamplet about the Normal Meje....

Gohan: Whats it say?

Goten: It says, "The Meje Body, in and out. The Outing of a Meje, the Skin is a very hard shell, that no known thing can break through, but Doctors. Under that is a very thin layer of flesh right under it. Right under that is a thick layer of Muscle that makes the shell hard. After that is all of the Internal Organs, from the Brain to the Bladder. The Mejes' are also very strong. They can knock down a building with ease if they felt like it at their fullpower. Mejes' can also transform twice, and their power increases by 200 each time. The Great King Meje of the "now" generation is already in his 2nd form, though is much much stronger than Normal Mejes, and is twice their size. He comes from generations of Kings, he is King Meje the 501st. Thanks you for reading, enjoy you trip to Planet Meje!"

Goku: Sounds weird....

Trunks: Seems like this King were visiting is strong....

Goku: Can't wait!

After some time the Bus get's into the city, in the middle of Mejehattan, just like Manhattan of this world, Mejes Everywhere, ones with hats, ones in big shoes, and even mimes'....

Goten: Hey! Theres one with Glasses and a Suit and Suitcase! (Points) It reminds me of you! Haahahahaha!

Gohan: (Hits Goten in head) Hahahaha! Very funny! Ha! Not really! (Sarcastically)

Trunks: None of them have hair....

Meje on Bus: Ummm, sorry, but whats hair?

Z Gang: (Silence) Uhh, strands of soft things on your head that stand up or lays down......Protecting your head..

Meje: Uhh, Okay. Weird.

Pan: Looking at large buildings, wow....These are bigger than the ones on Earth by alot! And Imecka!

Goku: Cool!

Kuzon: Look at that......(Leaning against window, Points ahead)

Pan: Woah! It's huge!

Tour Guide Meje: Yes it is young fleshy girl, indeed it is! It is the one and only, Meje Castle, 1000 Generations in the making! It was built 1000's of years ago by King Siuo the 3rd who put the final sword through Evil King Jibi who betrayed us years prior, and he is still remembered today as one of the greatest kings in Meje History! And on the right is Mejes' largest Pancake Factory, built by Jonicusi on the- (Keeps going on)

Trunks: Really, Pancakes......

Goten: I like Pancakes!

Trunks: (Seriously Face)

Goku: Comon guys, let's just- Hey! Wheres Vegeta at!

Everybody on the Bus looks out the right windows to see Vegeta flying slowly pass the bus waving hi to the Z- Gang....

Goku: Hahahaha! Oh Vegeta! Always taking the easy way! (Waving)

The Bus heads up to the Giant castle, outside about a mile away, with a Huge Parking lot full of moving Cars and people all around..... Everybody piles out of the bus, along with the Z- Gang, Vegeta flies right up to the roof of the castle and waits for the others to get there...While all the Mejes look up freaked.....

Goku: (Pileing from bus crowd and falling out with suitcases, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Pan and Kuzon)

Pan: Talk about hard people! Their huge! A bunch of Green!

Trunks: Talk about it......

Gohan: Well, let's walk, don't wanna be rude.

Pan: Dad! Are you serious?!

Gohan: You don't have to, I am.

Goku: I'm with Gohan, comon Pan!

Pan: (Mad) Grrrrrr......

After an Hour of walking and pileing through crowds and crowds of Mejes, they finnaly make it to the giant entrance, with all the gold decorations and guards everywhere with ready Ammo, while Vegeta jumps down from the high roof... The Guards get ready..

Guard: Hey! Who are you! What were you doing up there! Your under Arrest!

Vegeta: Well, I can fly, if you could you would too....

Guard: Uhhh, You can't fly!

Other Guard: He can! I saw him! Give him a break man, he's new, a traveler with his friends. Um Sir, you may enter.

Guard: (Seriously Face, Mad)

Goten: Looks big, and fancy....Awesome!

Trunks: I have to admit, it's pretty nice here.

Goku: I hope they have free food set out!

Pan: (Seen that coming)

The gang push open the huge doors to see a huge, large, wide Throne Room with Green Gold lining the walls, decorations of past Meje history on the huge walls, tiles of White and Teal covering the floor, alot of Guards everywhere, even in the ceiling. And finnaly, a Giant Gold and Teal Throne Standing in the back of the Warehouse sized room, standing on 2 stacks of high white and teal concrete, poles of gold with green fire burning on them, and on the throne, the Great King Meje himself.

Pan: Woah! It's so cool!

Goku: Wow! I smell food!

Everybody looks at Goku.....

Goku: Umm, and it's nice too! hehe......(Not really laughing, Poke's Gold)

Guard: Don't touch!

Gohan: It's nice, Look at King Meje!

Goku: He's as big as King Piccolo!

Gohan: Pan! (Yells while Pan runs into to crowd) Huuhhhh......

Goten: Let her have fun, she's on a weird planet, and is curious. Matter of fact, i'm pretty curious about how much the Gold is worth in Zeni's......(Walks away)

Trunks: Wow......

Kid Meje nearby to his mom: Mom, whats with the kid with Purple hair.......and the tan, mushy stuff around him.....

Meje Mom: Just keep walking honey, keep walking.....

After some looking and stuff, the gang get back together and decide to meet the King himself.....

Goku: I'm ready to meet the king!

Pan: He's big!

Gohan: Hey Vegeta, whats with you?

Vegeta: (Leaning against wall) Nothing, just that his power is drastically high....

Goku: Vegeta, is all you think about people is their power?

Vegeta: No, but I can feel that he's surpressing it, just feel it, its in the Millions now and he's sitting there....Somethings up, only a fighter has that high of power when he's calm....

Goku: Well maybe he is, but it doesn't really matter, just have have a good time, comon...

Vegeta: (Humph)

The gang walk up to the Great King Meje, but are stopped by guards quickly.....

Guard: Do you have a good reason to pass or speak to the King???? (Up in Gohans face)

Gohan: Yessss.......Now get awayyyyy......Okayy..

Guard: King! Would you like them to pass?

King Meje: Let them, I like new visitors......

Pan: A Deep voice...

Goku: Hello Mr. King!

Guard: Please address the King in a proper way sir.

Goku: Hello, King Meje!

Trunks: (Into Gokus' ear) I think he means like Malord or Your honor...

Goku: Hello Malord, (On knees) I would like to introduce me and my friends, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Pan, Trunks, and Kuzon, at your service.....

King Meje: Hello Travelers, and thank you for the nice greeting, better than most introductions..... I am the Great King Meje, ruler and master of Planet Meje, and so has many generations before me....

Goku: Your Welcome Sir.

King Meje: I hope you are enjoying your time here, I try to put it together as organized as possible! Just for you...(Pokes Gotens head with Staff)

Goten: (Blank expression)

King Meje: Sorry for the crowds, I can't even help them! Whoo boy!


King Meje: Okayy then, I'd like to know about yourselves, get to know you all....

Goku: Okay, I am Goku. Im a Saiyan, one of few left..... I am the protector of Earth, my planet and home, though I was born on another Planet somewhere. I am one of the strongest people in the universe, next to some of my other friends here. Thank you.

Vegeta: Names Vegeta. I am "One" of the strongest in the universe. Im also a Saiyan and a Super Saiyan.

King Meje: (Smile slowly go's away)

Gohan: I'm Gohan, Im one of the strongest too. I am half Saiyan and half Human. I fight along with my friends here, but also have times for my studies...

Goten: Goten. I am the strongest! (Everybody falls), I fight to, and is Gohans brother. Im also Half Human half Saiyan, and a Super Saiyan. I like Pancakes too! (Everybody falls again)

Trunks: Hi, i'm Trunks. I have purple hair. Im really just like Goten and Gohan, only a little different, i'm Vegetas' Son.

Pan: I am Pan. I am strong, and fight with the big guys! I am a girl and Gohans daughter, but Im not a Super Saiyan......

Kuzon: .......

Goku: He is Kuzon. He is a Saiyan too. He fights with us, and is, you won't believe it, The Legendary Super Saiyan!

King Mejes smile completely dissapears and there is complete silence......

King Meje: Did you say, "Legendary Super Saiyan"?

Goku: Yes.... Sounds awesome don't it?!


King Meje: Whhoooooo, well I have had a day! It was nice meeting you guys and I hope you have a good night and time, Sorry I gotta go, but a Kings got his duties!

Goku: It was nice meeting you too! I will have a good night, Bye!

Z- Fighters: Bye!

Pan: (Walking to the exit with the others) That was, shorter than I thought It would be.....

Trunks: He must be tired.....

Gohan: I bet being a King is hard...It seems awesome, but all that work is tireing after some time....

Goku: I still never got food though..... (Everyone falls)

The gang leave and go back to the Hotel, flying this time. Inside of the Hotel Room.....

Goten: (Putting Socks on) That was fun but short....

Goku: It could of lasted longer.., but he was tired, and I sure know I am! I'm ready for bed! (Flips blanket over shoulder)

Gohan: I'm with ya dad..(flips blanket)

Goten: Im staying up!

Trunks: Well don't bother us, we want sleep.....

Pan: Wonder what channels they have here.....

Vegeta: (Under Blanket) Goodnight!

Goku: First time i've heard Vegeta say "Goodnight"....

Gohan: We were all in odd moods today dad, I was, I can't digest those pancakes though....

Goten: I did a few minutes ago!

Pan: So thats where that bathroom smell cam from....

Vegeta: (Popping quickly from blanket) WOULD YOU FOOLS SHUT UP!!!!


Goku: Okay....

Vegeta: (Under blanket snuggled) Hmph....

The Z-Fighters have met the great, King Meje for a short time. They had a good day and are ready for anything, but what will happen soon to come? Find out next!

Chapter 5: King Meje Attacks!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, The Z- Fighters had (After hours and walking) visited the King on the Mejes, King Meje, at the Great Meje Palace. The Gang had asked questions and got to know the giant green king, and then went home, this time flying! But, what devastating even t is about to take place? Find out today!

It's about 11:00 PM at night, and King Meje is in bed in his palace bedroom, thinking about something that happened just earlier that day (The Z-fighters visited earlier).......

King Meje: (Having a rough time sleeping)'t do it! No!

Inside of King Mejes nightmare, He is running down a steep hill to a Airship base with his bodyguards, while a kid with purple hair destroys everything.........

King Meje: Ahh! Whats going on?!!!!

Guard: Comon! We must get you to safety at once sir! To the Airship base to get you off this planet!

King Meje: What about my wife and my son?!

Guard: They will be to safety to sir! But please stop talking and hurry!

The King and the guard run down the hill, as the citys in the background are destroyed and people are obliberated.....King Meje and the 2 guards get to a Capital Airship that is surrounded by soldiers and ready to blast off. The King and the 2 guards get on the ship.....

King Meje: Where is my family?!!!!

Guard: I Told you sir! They are- (Thrown out of plane by Meje)

King Meje: Someone tell me that they are safe!

Other Meje on plane: I'm sure they are my lord! They are in the Royal Bloodline!

As the citys crumble and fall and smoke, dust and blood flys everywhere, King Meje sits crying watching his people be slaughtered by some tailed boy and another man in green armor.... The Ship blasts off and the doors close. The Soldiers below get some women and children in another spaceship, but before it could blast off, it is destroyed by a green blast with the people in it......

King Mejes ship blasts off into space, with King Meje watching, The Planet below explodes in a blinding horrific explosion of light and sparks.....To clear away showing nothing but stars and space dust..............

King Meje: (Crying bad) Nooo!!!! My people, gone!

Guard: (Sad) Sir, we have lost connection with 3 other ships, and....I have something bad to tell you Sir..(Starts tearing)

King Meje: (Crying) Tell me!!!!

Guard: (Taking off hat with head down) I'm afraid, the ship that was holding your wife and son..Well...we have lost connection with it, Im afraid it was caught in the explosion, they are........Dead.....

King Meje falls on the floor on his knees, crying like a water hose.....He shoots a Death Beam through the guards heart, killing him instantly, as everyone else in the ship watches in horror and are silent......

King Meje: The (Graving and bawling) boy....with the brownish hair....and muscles......SHALL PAY!!!! Ehhhh, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The camera shows the spaceship in space, heading to the planet Meje they are on today, to start a new life, for him, of Revenge, and Sorrow..............

King Meje pops from the blanket quickly scared to death from his nightmare of what happened in the past.....

King Meje: Ahhhhh!!!!! Oh....oh,....(Breathing hard in relief)

Guard: (Bursting in room) Sir! What is wrong?!!!!

King Meje: Oh...Just a.....dream...

King Meje gets out of bed and walks over to the doorway where the guard is standing.....

Guard: Um, sir?

King Meje: (Sweating tired) Get out! I need my rest!

Guard: (Scared) OH! Umm Okay! I'll just be heading towards, the door! (Big Smile, then slams shut the door)

King Meje: That boy who destroyed my home planet, out home planet.... That boy from earlier!


Goku: Thats Kuzon, he is silent usually, but theres something special about him!, He's the Legendary Super Saiyan! (Echoes) Super Saiyan!, Super saiyan!, super saiyan!.......



King Meje quickly takes off his Night Clothes, Powers up and blasts quickly out the roof of his palace, towards the city, to the Meje Hotel..............

The Z- Fighters are asleep.....Its quiet outside........the lights from the city shine in the background, the 3 moons bright the night sky.........

Goku: (Snoring)

Gohan: Mmm.....(Dreaming and sleeping)

Kuzon: Kamehaeeeee........(sleeping)

In the air flying towards the City Gates.....


After a few minutes, The King is right next to the Hotel, ready to express his feelings towards "The Legendary Super Saiyan", while the Z-Fighters are helplessly sleeping, except one, Gohan.

Gohan: (Getting up from bed in nightclothes) Mmmm....Time for a drink...uh....(sleepy)

Outside above Hotel.....

King Meje: Time to die! (Forms Blue Blast in hand)

Gohan: ......WHAT THE!!!!

Gohan runs towards the window and looks out to see King Meje floating right in front of him, with the huge blast faced towards them directly.....


King Meje: Hello

Gohan: AHH!!!!!!

King Meje shoots the blast right the the Hotel room at amazing speeds, thundering up the sky, and terrifyingly destroying the whole Hotel and everything around it in a huge, massive explosion! Making a huge Crater as long as 3 miles all the way........

King Meje: HAHAHA!!!! I know that didn't kill you! Come Out! Show Yourself!......

Out of the Dust clouds.....out of the pile of rubble, emerges......Gohan, holding Goku and Pan. And Vegeta, holding Trunks, Goten and Kuzon. Gohan and Vegeta set the others down on the ground, while they wake up too.....

Goku: Ehh.....Whats, whats going on?....Whats that power?.......

Gohan: It's okay Dad, wake up, i'll figure this out. (Gets off ground)

King Meje: Haha! Your friends are still alive, no surprise.....

Gohan: What are you doing?!!! Why did you just kill your own people?!! Are you nuts?!

King Meje: I don't care about them, they will all be avenged when that Boy over there is dead! (Points at Kuzon)

Kuzon: (Getting up) What? What do you mean me?!!!

King Meje: You know what i'm talking about! Dont play Fool with me!

Kuzon: I don't know what your talking about!!!!

King Meje: Gr.....FINE!!! Heh....It was a nice day on Planet Meje. The Sun shining, birds chirping. A perfect day with me, My Wife: Queen Meje, my children: Meji and Sallete. Until it happened. A boy came into the distance of the sky. I never yet knew yet though. A Man in Green armor with him. The Boy started throwing blasts everywhere, destroying everything! My guards got me and my family out of the castle. My Wife and Kids got seperated on the way to the Airships' off the Planet. The guards told me they were in safe hands. It was until we finnaly got into space that the Planet exploded with most of my people on it, Gone Forever. I Found out that the ship they were in was destroyed when it exploded! We soon found this abandon planet and started rebuilding, while i had to sit on that throne ALONE!! (Starts Crying and tearing) NOW I WILL AVENGE THEM, BY KILLING YOU BOY!!!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!! (Forms Large Supernova sized Green Blast in hand)

Kuzon: I didn't do that! I mean it! I am Sorry for anything that happened to your people! Please!

King Meje: YOU NEVER DID FOR ME!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!

King Meje, enraged, throws the Huge Bomb right at the Z- Fighters with no mercy.......The Z- Fighters, at weary as they are, are gonna soon be ready for a fight, after this.......

Everybody: (Looking Up) No Way........

People in City nearby and looking out House Windows: What is our King doing to those people? "I dont know". Maybe they assulted him". "His guards would deal with that". "Oh".

Goku: (Jumping in front of The others) Let me handle this! AHH!!!!

The Blast hits Gokus' hands at Full Force, while Goku has a hard time pushing it away....

Thunder Roars in the Night Sky above them, lightning strikes everywhere as Goku strugglingly pushes the Bomb away into the sky, exploding it in a huge blinding explosion, lighting up the Sky.....

Goku: Grrr.......You Wanna fight! Then We will fight you, you monster!

Trunks: (Walks up) Let me go first. Im Ready.

Gohan: You sure?

Trunks: Of course. Comon Meje!

King Meje: Hehehee.....I'm up for a challenge. Bring it on!

King Meje has attacked and destroyed the Hotel the Z-Fighters are staying in! The Fight is about to begin for the Z- Fighters on Planet Meje! What will Trunks fight with the Evil King be like? Find out next time!

Chapter 6: The Battle Begins! Trunks vs. King Meje!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, King Meje attacked the Z-Fighters in the Middle of the Night! The Gang, confused and odd-ended asked the Lowly King what the problem was, the Meje said something of a Past expirence. Will the Z-Fighters stand up and fight? Find out Now!

The Wind howls past the gang, also as other Mejes around watch from their windows in fear.......

Wind blows.....

Gohan: Who is going to Fight him first?

Goku: Hmmm.....(Thinking) Wow, another enemy....His Power his near Majin Buu's, The form he obtained after Vegeta pulled The Fat Buu, Gohan and Gotenks out of Super Buu years ago.......

King Meje: What are you thinking about kid?! Afraid is it? Wahaha!!

Goku: .......-_-

Goten: I wanna Fight, But i'm tired, I haven't even had breakfast yet!

Gohan: Goten, Go eat, there is a Resturant over there.

Goten: Why?

Gohan: After Trunks' Fights, (Low Voice) I have a feeling he is gonna lose......(End Low Voice) I want you to Fight.

Goten: Uh! Uhh...Okay, I'll go in a Minute!

Gohan: Okay, sit in the Sidelines, as I do......

Trunks: I'm Ready, Prepare to die Meje! If you can't leave us alone!

King Meje: Bring it on Purple Hair!!!

Trunks: (Smiles)

Trunks takes off his Brown Coat and gets in a Fighting Stance, Ready to Begin the Battle.........

King Meje: (Fight Stance)

Trunks: Grr......Ahhh!!!!

Trunks rushes King Meje, They each Fist Clash. Trunks swipes his foot to King Mejes Face and Jumps away, Firing a Ki Blast Barrage at The King. King Meje flies up and knees Trunks hard and smashes him down, completely unaffected by the Weak Ki Blasts...

Goku: Hmmm.....

Kuzon: (Thinking) Wow, once again, Broly's Reputation ruined my life. One day, I wanna fight Broly myself in Hell, maybe wipe him out of existence.....I wanna fight this Meje before this is over with though....

Trunks jumps up and delivers and Full-Force punch to King Mejes face, he Roundhouse Kicks him in the cheek away into a cliff. A rock lifts up from the rubble and shows King Meje holding it, he then throws lot's of Big Boulders at Trunks who jumps over most of them.....

Trunks: Grrrr.... You wanna se my Ultimate Strength! Fine!!

King Meje: (Smiles)

Trunks: Aaaaahhhhh..............

Pan: He's going Super Saiyan!

Vegeta: (Thinking) Win Trunks.....

Trunks: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trunks Hair stands up and Glows Gold, His Muscles grow a bit while his aura Lenghtens to Yellow....

King Meje: Hmmm....Transforming into a Blonde eh? Well, that certainly will get you no where but you power has increased quite dramaticly.....

Goku: Do it Trunks!

Trunks: AAAHHHH!!!

A giant storm of Aura shoots from Trunks, and the Smoke Clears away, revealing him as a, Super Saiyan.

Trunks: Grr....Whoo........Now the Battle Starts! King Meje: Indeed it does, Indeed it does (Smiles).........

Trunks jumps up and fires some Ki Blasts at the King, Meje flips over and uses his feet to dodge them, He then teleports up to Trunks and Uppercuts him, Punches him up the Face and kicks him down. Trunks flies up right before he hits and Fires a High Pressure Energy Wave at King Meje. The King flips back and throws a Huge Blue Ball of Ki at Trunks, making Him get harmed greatly.

Gohan: Trunks can't take those Blasts from Him, You said he was as Powerful as 2nd Form Baby Vegeta!, Dad

Goku: I thought Trunks would be stronger now then he was then, but I guess that Lack of Training all these years made me wrong! Trunks won't last much longer......

Pan: Comon!!!

Trunks gets up from the ground and struggles to walk as he spits blood....

Vegeta: Comon Trunks! Do what I taught you!

King Meje: Yes Purple haired boy, do it, show me your full Strength!

Trunks: Grrrrr...............Ahhhh.........

Gohan: His Power is raising! He's going all the way!!!!

Trunks: AAAHH!!!!!!! (Hair sticks out even more and flashes Whiteish gold)

Goku: He's going Full Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pan and Giru: Ahh!

Trunks' aura blasts away rubble and makes a storm everywhere, surprising King Meje to the extent...

King Meje: What the??!! Another Transformation!!!!???

Trunks: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trunks floats in the air and an energy shoots from him in a huge explosion, as he lands back down, surrounded by dust and debri.....

Goku: (Taking arm off eyes) What, He ascended!!!!!


Trunks' foot steps from the dust, his arm bends and his hair blows in the wind....He is... A Full Power Super Saiyan!!!

Goku: He is so calm.....

Gohan: That form....I remember it (Flashback to Cell Games Saga) It helped...

Pan: He ascended! Wow Cool!

Kuzon: ....Hmph....I reached it, It helped knida but I wasn't impressed....

Trunks' starts to walk towards the King, confident as much silent with every slow step....

King Meje: (Looking down at him) Grr... Your more calm looking! Your not more violent!

Goku: Feel his power Meje!

King Meje: ........I FEEL IT

Goku: And?

King Meje: IT..............IS..................................................................tiny. WAHAHAHA!!!! Compared to mine it is nothing!

Goku: ....That my be true, but strength isn't all the matters. Even the weakest can win a fight with Skill

King Meje: Hahahaa! Lets just see that (Turns around at Trunks)

Trunks all of a sudden Teleports out of nowhere......

King Meje: Huh??

Trunks then appears coming right for Meje and rams his fist up his face!

King Meje: Uhhh.........(onknowing)

Trunks: (Smiles)

Trunks kicks King Meje in the air, teleports up and smashes him down in front of Goku and the others..... He lands down on his 2 feet, easily.......

Vegeta: Trunks.... Haha, I am glad you ascended (I thought that training took it from ya) But your still no match for him, He will catch up to you soon and take you, you couldn't even beat Cell in the form if you wanted and King Meje is just below Baby, who is a Super Saiyan 4 almost! Im just sayin, you'll wanna give up soon, I hate to say.....TRUNKS!!

Trunks: What??

Vegeta: BEHIND YOU!!!

Trunks: What?! (Turns around)

Trunks is smashed down by a large hard greenish arm, King Meje....

Trunks: (On knees) Ehh... (spitting blood) (Looks up at Meje)

King Meje: How does it feel? You like being smashed down? Think I do? No, I don't wanna fight you, I wanna fight someone stronger.....Alot stronger...

Vegeta: (To himself) Well, It came sooner than expected.....Comon Trunks, just let us in...

Trunks: (Grabbing dirt furiously) I won't give up!! AHH!!!

Trunks flies right up at Meje and trys ramming him right in the face, but King Meje easily grabs his fist with his hand with ease.... Trunks tries to continue with all his limbs but each is easily dodged, King Meje slams Trunks in the head, the gut and face, and throws Trunks down by the foot as a finishing move. Trunks lays on his stomach in the dirt in front of the other fighters, Trunks descends back to his base form...

Other Fighters: Uhhh... (Sad and Mad looking at Trunks knocked out from the head smashing)

King Meje: Ohhh, Boo hoo, Purple hair is knocked out, boo hoo. Who is next? I wanna finish this, I have a hot tub appointment at 9:30....

Goten: I wanna fight next!!

Everyone: What??!!!

Goten: Trunks was my friend, I was gonna suggest Fusion but not now.... I want you to hurt!! I want you TO DIE!!!

King Meje: (Looking down confidently)

The screen goes into detail of Goten and Meje staring... King Meje and Trunks have engaged in a Short battle, and Trunks even transformed into a Full Power Super Saiyan but could'nt effect him! Can Goten do anything better? Find out next time!

Chapter 7: Goten vs. King Meje!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Trunks and King Meje engaged in a Head to head battle! Trunks ascended to Full Power Super Saiyan even but was no match at all for the evil King, and was quickly knocked out.... What will Goten and King Meje's fight be like? Find out now!

Goten and King Meje stare at each other.... Ready to begin battle at anytime.... (Silence)...

Gohan: (Thinking) Comon Goten.... You're just as powerful as Trunks, maybe less... This won't be too long...

Goten: Comon big guy! You gonna make your move?

King Meje: (Circling Goten) Your move.....

Goten Grr... AAH!!!

Goten flies right up to Meje and rams him in the Face at Full Force! Goten kicks King Meje rapidly in the face back and smashes him down and fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Meje. King Meje lands on his feet and arms and jumps out of the blasts way and fires a Ki Barrage at Goten. Goten dodges most and Teleports, he then appears in Mejes face and kicks it hard and shoves his face in the dirt with his foot on King Mejes head....

Everyone: WHAT THE???!!!

Gohan: How did Goten get so good??!! In his base form??!!!

Goten: I've been training in the past year, I saw dad as a Super Saiyan 4 and I just wanna be one so I trained a lot, I'm still not a Super Saiyan 2.... But very close...

Goku: Just do your best....

Goten: Hehe, I will..... Ahhh.....

Goten's hair sticks up and flashes gold.... His muscles bulge a bit and a yellow aura blasts from his body, He is a Super Saiyan...

Goten: Now let's fight!

King Meje stands up facing the other way...

Goten: Well? Aren't ya gonna attack?


King Meje quickly swurves around and throws a huge boulder right at Goten, who just barely gets a scratch on his arm....

Goten: Ha! Hadn't you ever learned to fight better than Sneak attacks? Haha! Comon!

King Meje: (Smiles)

King Meje teleports and smashes Goten in the dirt, he knees him hard in the gut with force and throws him by the head into a nearby building....

Goten: (Getting ot of rubble) Oww... Grr.., there was people in this building! Childen! If you really cared about your people you wouldn't do that!

King Meje: Don't worry, when I defeat all of you everyone will be safe! Haha!

Goten: ..... (Rushes at Meje) Ahhh!!!

Goten uppercuts Meje and punches him rapidly, Meje punches back hard and elbows into a cliff and throws boulders rapidly at Goten, who breaks some with his Super Saiyan aura.. Goten gets out and att full force, kicks Meje right in the gut, but Goten then falls to the ground and grabs his leg hurting serverly.... King Meje shakes alot and is dizzy and walks in random places.....

Goku: Goten! Didn't you remember the pamplet, Mejes have Super hard shell like bodys that can't hardly be penetrated by anything! Maybe even a Super Saiyan 3!

King Meje: (Getting back to normal) Grr... Whats this Super Saiyan 3 you keep talking about!!??

Goku: You'll see soon! Just continue! This is getting good..

Pan: ...Comon Uncle Goten...

Goten: Grr... (Powers up alot) Ahh!! (Flies at Meje)

Goten kicks Meje rapidly in the face and blasts him.... He floats back and fires a Destucto Disk at Meje, but It breaks on Mejes shell, Meje then sends a huge wave of energy at Goten, who forms a Kiai to blast it away.. Goten and King Meje fly up and pummel each other hard, as the sky sends waves with every hit they make, un seen in the air....

Gohan: Why didn't Trunks fight like this? He was ascended more than Goten!

Goku: Goten trained alot more than Trunks and fought better with better skills....

Vegeta: Are you saying My moves suck!?

Goku: No! hehe, no Vegeta, Im just saying that my moves are a little more advanced or sneaky.... Hehe! ^_^

Vegeta: ...... Just forget it...

Goten punches Meje in the face and does a God Breaker down....

Goten: Kaaa.... Mee... HAaaaa... Meee.......... HAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goten shoots the Kamehameha right down at Meje, who takes it on with his big dry bare hands and overpowers it abit...

Goten: HHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kamehameha pushes Meje down abit, and his feet smash into the ground...

King Meje: Grr... Maximum Bomb!!!! (Shoots at the Kamehameha, as the Blast Clash)

Gohan: Comon!

As the Giant beam clash makes the sky dark... Other Mejes in the nearly destroyed city a few miles away start out a window at the clash...

Meje: I don't know who to vote for.... I didn't think anyone could even come close to our Kings power!

Other Meje: I vote for King Meje! Our King beats anyone!

Meje: I vote for the other person, King Meje betrayed us and hurt us all!

The other Meje shoots a Ki blast at the Meje...

Meje: Stop fighting!!! We don't need anymore, we are already hurt... I dont know who to vote for...

Other Meje: Hmph....

At the Battle Scene, Goten and Meje land down on their 2 feet after stopping the blasts...

King Meje: Your better than I thought... Better than the last boy and you never even ascended past the Gold form your at now, Mr. Super...Saiya-jinn or whatever....

Goten: Thanks....

King Meje: Yeah... But I'm gonna finish this

Goten: What?

Out of nowhere King Meje has his fist rammed up Gotens gut, he twists Gotens head and throws him down to the ground... Goten descends to his base form and is unconcious...

King Meje: I only made that fight long cause I wanted some fun, but it got old... Who is next?

Everyone: (Silence)

Goku: You got Goten too... Grr...

Gohan: Darn you....

King Meje: Hahaha, Wahahhhaaha! WAHAHAHA!!!

Gohan: I WANNA FIGHT NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: What??!!

Gohan: I will at least hurt Meje, and try!

Goku: Gohan, do good, and save some for me! Haha! ^-^

Gohan: I'll make sure

King Meje: Haha! Finnaly! Someone to give me a challenge! Comon boy! Lets do this! (Fighting Stance)

Gohan: (Epic Stare)

Goten and King Meje have engaged to battle only to once again be knocked out by his outstanding power! This time, Gohan has decided to join in the fight! What will this end up like? Find out next time!

Chapter 8: Gohan vs. King Meje! The Super Battle!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goten and King Meje went in a epic battle, pummeling each other to the limit. But now that Goten is also knocked out with Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, Kuzon and Goku are all thats left, this time with Gohan fighting. What will this epic battle end up as? Find out now!

Wind blows....

King Meje: Well? It is your move!

Gohan: Yeah, I know this won't be to long, I haven't fought in a long time...

King Meje: Well, make that even shorter cause im fighting...

Gohan: Well, let's just see! (Fighting Stance)

King Meje: (Smiles)

Gohan: Ahhh!!!

Gohan and Meje clash their fists together making a thundering sound that waves everywhere.... King Meje kicks Gohan in the face, Gohan grabs his leg and swings him around several times and lets him go into a nearby cliff, where he flies right back out of and punches Gohan rapidly and smashes him down to the ground. Several Ki blasts come from under the rubble below and King Meje tries to dodge most, he then makes a giant Ki blast and throws it at the rubble, making a huge explosion..... Gohan walks out of the rubble.....

Gohan: Grr....

King Meje: Oh comon! Not done already are you? HAha!

Gohan: Not even close....

King Meje: Good! Im in for a good fight this time, not some "thing" like the last two....

Gohan: Oh Don't worry, there is more than 3 of them combined coming up! (Looks at Meje)

King Meje: Hahahaha!!!

Goku: This is about to get ugly! I think Gohan is gonna go all out!

Gohan: Hehe... Ahhh!!!!!! (Flies up at Meje)

King Meje: HAhahahaha!! Ahh!! (Flies at Gohan)

Gohan knees King Meje hard in the gut and punches rapidly. King Meje grabs his arm and twists it and throws him down... Gohan grabs a huge boulder and throws it at Meje fast.. King Meje uses his Ki to cut it into sharp peices and then throw then right back at Gohan, who makes a Ki barrier around himself which destroys the rocks...

King Meje: Hahahahaha! You are good....very good....

Gohan: Thanks, but no time for talk, just fight! Ahhh!!

King Meje grabs Gohans head and plays with it...

Goku: Ohh... Gohan!! He gets stronger as the fight go's! So don't hold back!!!!

Gohan: OWww... I know now... Grrrr

Gohan (While his head is held) shoots multiple Ki blasts at Mejes gut and kicks at full force, King Meje lets go and Gohan smashes down King Meje into a cliff. Gohan keeps smashing him down making the crater get bigger and bigger.. Gohan flips back and floats up....

Gohan: You done yet?

King Meje: Hell no!

Gohan: What I thought... Kaaaa....

Goku: He is going all in...This will be good...

Gohan: (Flying up) Meeee.... Haaaaa....MEEEE.......

King Meje: (Hands in front of him) Comon!!

Gohan: ....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Shoots at King Meje)

King Meje: HAHAHAHA!!! (Takes on)

The Kamehameha hits King Meje head on, pushing the King back a few feet... King Meje puts some Ki power in it, making each blasts exactly equal....

Gohan: HAAAA!!!!

King Meje: AAAHH!!!

King Meje: Grr.... AAHH!!! (Teleports)

Gohan: Huh?

King Meje appears in front of Gohan, and knees him at Full force in the gut and face. He then grabs Gohans face and slams him into the ground and keeps forcing it in, before putting his foot on his head and pushing down..

Goku: Oh no! Gohan is losing power...It must be from the training! He isn't as sporty as before!

Gohan: Ahh!

King Meje: HAHAHA!!! (pushes more) Its time for you to Die!

Gohan: Grrr...!! AAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hair turns blonde quickly and sparks) AAH!!!!!!!!

King Meje: O.o Grr....

Gohans hair shines gold and sparks, his aura turns gold and he puts his full power in the Kamehameha, and forcefully pushes back King Meje alot..

Goku: Woah! He's a Super Saiyan 2! Now he'll take him! Yeah!

Gohan and King Meje force their pull power at each other, until they soon overwhelm each other and end the Kamehameha, leaving a huge dust storm, they are then seen rapidly pummeling each other while flying up in the air, punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing tons of times..

Gohan: Ha! (Knees King Meje in the chin and swipes his foot across his face hard)

King Meje grabs Gohans leg and throws him down.. Gohan stops himself and flys up and sucker punches the King, then fires a large blast down at him, pushing King Meje right to the ground, smashing him in, but he still has an hand on the blast, that he uses to push it aside..

King Meje: Haha!..That power you just unleashed is much better than the last two! (Gets up) Wahahaha! (Puts hands out in front of him) Now you, will be the next one to go down, wahahaha!

Goku: What's he doing?!

Vegeta: I can feel him gaining tons of Ki in his hands, enough to almost take down you as a Super Saiyan 3!

Goku: (Curious)

Gohan: Bring it, bring it all!

King Meje: Haha! Your wish...

King Meje gains tons of green Ki in his large hands..The Ki sparks and each grow into large balls, which he then smashes his hands together, making an earthquake, the 2 balls form together and grow into one big ball...

Pan: Dad!

Goku: What is that! That is enough Ki to blow up 2 Earths!

King Meje: (Laughing) Wahahaha! Now die!

Gohan: O.O

King Meje jumps in the air and powers up, transporting all his power into the blast..

King Meje: AAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Making the planet shake and blows down trees)

Goku: (Puts hand in front of Pan who tries to save Gohan)

Pan: Father!

Gohan: Grr... (staring at blast) (walks back a few steps)

King Meje:!!!!!!!!!!!

King Meje puts his arms and hands right out, blowing a super huge massive Ki output blast right out of his hands, blowing right at Gohan!..

Gohan: It is 5 times bigger than me everyway! Uhh...Grrr... AH!!! (powers up)

Gohan powers up to his full power, his hair flies rapidly in the wind and the sparks making the ground around him catch fire..

Gohan: Grr... (flies up preparing to take on blast) BRING IT ON!!!

King Meje: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goku: No! GOHAN!! You can't take that kind of blast!!!!

Gohan: AAH!!!

The huge blast smashes into Gohan, while Gohan floats there with his clothes tearing apart and his eyes closed yelling as the brute force smashes into his body..

Goku: ..Grrr.....I can't watch this..

Pan: (Crying) ..Ah! I can't do this! (Flies into battlefield)

Goku: PAAN!!!! (holding hands out)

Gohan: AAH!!!!! PAN! NO!!!

Pan: HEY YOU BIG MONSTER! You leave my dad alone!!


Pan: Grr....Ka....Me....Ha...Me...

Pan forms a Kamehameha Wave in her hands..

Pan: ...HA!!!!!!!! (shoots)

Pan shoots the Kamehameha right at the hands of King Meje where the blast is shooting from...

Goku: Grrrr....Mys well join in! (flies up to Pan)

Pan: Grandpa!

Goku: ....Kaa....Mee....Haaa...Mee.....

Vegeta: (Looking up in despair next to Goten and Trunks' unconcious bodies and Kuzon) ...Hm...I feel stupid just watching this...

Kuzon: Me aswell, but this will end soon enough, I know it..

Vegeta looks back at Kuzon..

Vegeta: ....I hope you're right...

Goku: Meeee........HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gokus Kamehameha forms with Pans and they both shoot into King Mejes large hands...

King Meje: AH!!! Grr.....(Looks at hands) Grrr....Ah! ...Stop!!! (Shoots small blast from hand quickly)

Goku dodges the blast and puts more power into the does Pan..

King Meje: GRR AH!!!

The Meje forcefully stops the blast and blows on his hands which hurt and were burning... Goku and Pan stop the Kamehamehas...

Pan: Yes! We did it!

Goku: No Pan, we didn't do much but we at least got a chance to save your dad...

Pan: Oh..

King Meje: Grr.. You fools!

Gohan falls out of a large smoke storm, clothes torn up and knocked out... Goku flies over below him on the ground and Gohan falls into his arms...

Gohan: (almost knocked out) Uhh dad...I tried...make sure..Pan is okay...uhh.. (goes unconcious)

Goku: Well, there goes another

Goku flies over to where the others are and lies Gohans body on the ground next to Gotens and Trunks'.

Goku: Well, I'll have to step in soon...No one but me, Vegeta and Kuzon left, Pan wouldn't stand a chance..

Pan: Hey! Well..I guess you're right..

Kuzon: I'm always ready...

Vegeta: (Steps infront of Kuzon) I want to have a chance...Wahaha... (evil smile)

Gohan has now also been defeated by King Meje! This battle is getting spicier..stay tuned for the next episode!

Chapter 9: Vegeta's turn....

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd LSSJ, Gohan fought King Meje in a super battle! It was after a long battle, that King Meje defeated Vegeta takes a step have his taste of him!

Wind blows...

King Meje:....Make your move weakcakes..

Vegeta: Weakcakes huh? The only weak thing I see here is you and your lack of sense! (crushes dirt in his palm)

King Meje: Well, we can just see 'bout that, can't we? Bring it on. All of it. (evil smile)

Vegeta: >:) Gladly...

Vegeta makes an aura around him, orb like, and floats slowly up..

Vegeta: Here...we go!!

Vegeta rushes from the air down to King Meje, popping into Super Saiyan as he does..he quickly elbows him in the side of the face hard, followed by rapid kicks and a hard punch in the head. Vegeta jumps to the side and flips off a cliff, and rushes back at him teleporting along the way. King Meje then teleports and appears above where he was, and Vegeta trying to sneak attack is foiled, he punches nothing but the air where Meje stood...

King Meje: Wahaha!

Vegeta: Grrr.....AH!

Vegeta shoots a large golden blast at Meje with both his palms, Meje throws it aside and rams down and smashes Vegeta in the gut with his foot hard, making Vegeta spit out blood, and quickly ran through the air into a cliff, where he smashes, making the ground rumble, as Meje stands smiling..

Vegeta: monster..Grr (gets up)

Vegeta's arm appears very bloody..

Goku: This isn't going well...Super Saiyan isn't enough..Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 and got beat quite easy..

Pan: I'm sure he will figure it out shortly...

Goku: Knowing Vegeta, he will keep fighting in base if he had the confidence..

Everyone: (gulp)

Vegeta: Comon you monster! AH!!!

Vegeta gets in a transformation stance and powers up, until he hits Super Saiyan 2 in a flash!

King Meje: (facepalm) How weak. Just...weak, even for you. I have seen better. A lot better...

Vegeta: You will regret those words!!!

Vegeta rushes at Meje, kicks him in the gut and knees him in the chin, Meje steps back and can't fight back because of Vegeta's rapid moves... Vegeta punches him rapidly, kicks him in the air and elbows him down hard, where he then teleports and rams in the stomach before Meje hits the grounds, Vegeta then throws down Meje on the ground in front of him.

Pan: Yay! He is winning!

Goku: (gulp) I wouldn't say that just yet..Usually the enemies always get stronger..after they are beat up..

Pan: Oh..

Kuzon: Right.

Vegeta: Ready to surrender softly? (evil smile)

King Meje says nothing and just lies there...

Vegeta: (kicks his side) Comon! I know you're not done yet! (keeps kicking) Grr..!

Quickly his body dissappears in a flash...Vegeta then flies forward into a cliff smashed!

Vegeta: Ah! What the?!

King Meje: (drinking a smoothie in front of Vegeta smashed) So, how you doin'? (evil smile)

Vegeta: Grr....Ah!

As Vegeta tries to smack Meje, Meje grabs his arm with a blink, and throws Vegeta to the ground, followed by a kick in the leg..Meje picks up his leg and throws him into the cliff rapidly, watching more blood come out over time...

King Meje: (as he smashes Vegeta) I didn't want to fight you people except the Legendary super Saiyan anyway but since I have to, I myswell make the most of it. Haha.

Goku: Grr...

King Meje kicks Vegeta in the back hard while he is in the cliff side, he pulls him off by the back of the head, and punches him in the face hard as hell. King Meje then knees Vegeta in the gut and throws him down. He then tears the small cliff from the ground, and smashes it on Vegeta.

Goku: What did I tell you..this would happen..fight back Vegeta!!!!!! You're better than this!!!!

Vegeta: (on ground bloody still a Super Saiyan 2) Grr..AH...GRR...

King Meje: Huh? Curse that little brat over there! Ah!

King Meje shoots a giant blast at Goku on the sidelines. Goku jumps madly, and shoots rapid Ki blasts at Meje, and rushes down and punches Meje hard as hell, smacks him, and kicks him in the face, ramming Meje into the ground, and making him eat dirt.. Goku then flies down in front of him.

Goku: What I tell you? You just wait until you fight me you monster. Then you'll be sorry-Huh?

Vegeta as a focused Super Saiyan 2, walks past and pushes Goku aside, torwards King Meje..

King Meje: Grrr....Wanna go again, I'm game...haha...

Vegeta: No you dirty b*tch...I want to kill you, and step on your grave! ..Heh, of course..if there is one..or anything left to bury in it...

King Meje: Grr..No..

Vegeta: Waha! Oh yes! WAHAHA! AHH!

Vegeta quickly out of no where rams Meje in his face side, and Meje, with his eyes and mouth and tounge flew out, is knocked over! (Vegeta: Heh) Vegeta then picks up Meje fast, punches him rapidly. King Meje, bloody, kicks Vegeta back and pulls his hair. Vegeta uses his aura to blast him aside and kicks Meje in the chin as hard as he can and punches Meje in the gut to the ground, where a giant explosion occurs..

Vegeta floats down..

Vegeta: That enough for you? Or does the large green baby need more coughing?

King Meje: Grr...Darn you. But I can't allow this from all of you fleshy tan skinned fools. (floats up)

King Meje forms a basketball sized blue power ball in his hand. (King Meje: Heheh >:]) He then throws it down at all the Z-Fighter's making a super huge explosion.. The dust clears showing Goku and Kuzon with unconscious Goten, Trunks, Pan, and Gohan in their arms..

Goku: You damned monster!

Kuzon: Grrr..

King Meje: Heheh. >:D

Kuzon: You know Meje, you're really starting to piss me off!

Everyone: (stuttered)

Goku: Kuzon?!

Kuzon: I really don't get how anyone can call you a King. I understand your home blew up with your wife and kids years ago, but that is no reason to be a cold hearted fool who can't see the obvious. Look at the one who blew up Planet Meje before, and look at me. Look the same? Maybe. But I told you, That. Wasn't. Me!!

King Meje:, I refuse to believe that!

Vegeta: When are we going to continue this!? (descending Super Saiyan 2)

King Meje: I won't allow you to lie! Not to the Great King Meje the XII (12th)! I will kill you..and all of your mine you years ago..

Kuzon: ..Fine. If you really want it that way! Then bring it. Bring it all on. Big old bitc*.

Goku: Kuzon! What are you thinking? Vegeta is way know, than you, and he seemed to not really do much!

Vegeta: HEY!!

Kuzon: Well that's too bad. Said the same thing about Snake, and Cabban. I survived them didn't I?

Goku: Cabban was only Super Saiyan 2 power..even less. A Super Saiyan 2 can't beat this one. Not close.

Kuzon: I don't really care. I usually find a way, like always, and so I will now.

Vegeta: You know, if you're thinking of stealing my fight, like you did with Cabban, you're dead wrong!

Kuzon: Continue your fight then. It won't be long.

Vegeta: Grrr...I'll make you regret it if I live when I beat him, HAHAHA-

Vegeta is out of nowhere strangled by the huge King Meje, who covers his mouth, and throws him down. King Meje then keeps forcing him into the ground, by just pushing his head face down through the rock hard dirt below. Vegeta soon escapes the evil with a Slip attack.

Vegeta: Damn you! AHH! (goes Super Saiyan 2)

Vegeta rushes Meje fast and tries to punch him but Meje grabs his arm and swings him around letting him go into a hill nearby. Vegeta quickly appears back and tries roundhousing him in the face. But King Meje steps back and punches him in the face and knees him in the chin. Vegeta takes it and flies in the air and lands on the ground on his knees and an arm.

Vegeta: Grr....damned you! AH!

Vegeta shoots a God-Breaker at King Meje, then flies up using a Volcanic Blast.


The blast makes all ground within 3 miles shoot in the air and crumble, destroying everything making all in sight a huge crater of nothing but dirt...(like Nappa did in early DBZ)

King Meje: AHH!!! (flies back and smashes into ground on his back)

Goku: (taking arm off eyes lying on ground with Goten and Gohan 50 feet away) Damn it..Vegeta!!

Vegeta: >:) Heh. Umad? @Meje

King Meje: AAHH (arm is broken lying there aching hard) MY ARM AHH

Vegeta: (stepping on his arm crushing it more) Heh. Feels good, DOESN'T IT? (smashes more)


Goku: Grr...never answers me..Where are Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Pan at?

Kuzon: (points down behind him, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks' are lying scattered unconcious, as Pan is walking back to Goku and Kuzon with a bloody arm..)

Pan: What's wrong with Vegeta?!

Goku: We've all been wondering that for about 25 years now. But whatever he's doing, it usually ends up bad..sad to say. But who can stop him? No one knows..

Kuzon: Before he ruins everything, I am going to do something.

Goku: No! He will literally kill you if you try butting in! Don't!

Pan: But King Meje looks like he is doing bad!

Kuzon: Don't be fooled. Usually, like we've seen. He'll get up...and more powerful..than ever. Abiding by the power of that blast..

Goku: Mhm. >:|

Kuzon floats up and flies at Vegeta, who is smashing King Meje's arm torturing him menacingly. He lands down and bitc* smacks Vegeta in the face.

Vegeta: AH! What the hell kid?! (kicks Kuzon in the ankle) What's your problem?!

Kuzon: I'm here to make sure you don't ruin shiz. That Meje thing will get up in a minute more powerful than you can think. Move aside.

Vegeta: OH HELL NO! Look, I can keep doing what I've been doing and he will be gone into ashes in minutes, what makes you think you fighting, who's weaker than me, possibly help?!

Kuzon: Trust me. Move. Aside.

Vegeta: No!

Kuzon: Grr..

Kuzon blasts into Super Saiyan in front of Vegeta and King Meje, blowing some dust into their faces.

Kuzon: Let's do this.

Vegeta: AH o_e

Kuzon pats Vegeta on the back and walks to King Meje.

Kuzon: It's time to end this where it is.

Vegeta and King Meje have went all in in power! But right at the pennicle moment, Kuzon pushes Vegeta aside and takes the fight! What will happen? Find out next!

Chapter 10: The Real Fight Hences! Kuzon vs. King Mejè!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Vegeta and King Mejè went forth in an all out battle! All seemed well until Kuzon and Goku knew what would happen that would end them all, so Kuzon pushed Vegeta aside and stepped in. What will happen? Will he stand a chance? Find out now!

On the field..

Kuzon: Grr..

King Mejè: AHH..Dummit my arm! AHH

Kuzon: Get over it already. Get up like a Mejè and show me what you got!

King Mejè: (struggling to get up) AHH, grr..You, you- will pay! AH

King Mejè finally gets and stands up on two. Still aching, though.

Kuzon: There we go. Get ready, I'm about to show you it all.

King Mejè: ...Fine. But you will surely regret it!

Kuzon: Heh.

Mejè floats up in the air, and powers up, looking like he blew off one of his skins..

Kuzon: Wow. Blowing off your skin isn't going to help.

King Mejè: Hehe. Just you wait, squirt. AHHH!!

Mejè starts gaining power and a huge golden aura, blowing the valley and making the 3 mile long crater below even bigger..He then explodes into a green aura, and the horns on his head grow sharper and stick out more. The blue gems on his head and chest glow sapphire...

King Mejè: AHH!!!!!!....Ohhh..That still wasn't easy. But it is mine. My second form. WAHAHA. Thought us Mejè's can't have second forms, huh? Well, we have more, but I will get there when I get there. Until then, you can just die, like you wanted! HAHA!

Kuzon: Here we go! (jumps up and blasts at Mejè)


Kuzon and King Mejè, in his new form, blast at each other, and make a huge fist collide!

Kuzon and King Mejè at each other: Grrr...

King Mejè blasts at Kuzon and rams him in the face with all his might and knees him hard, followed by a kick to the ground. Kuzon, barely harmed, disappears and appears back behind Mejè, where he roundhouses him in the back of the neck in a sneak attack. Mejè stutters forward, but then flips back and kicks Kuzon in the face. Kuzon grabs his leg and spins him around, but Mejè is too heavy and stops easy, grabs Kuzon's leg and spins him, into a huge tee, where Kuzon goes right through the tree, and smashes in the ground with a tree under him...

Kuzon: Grr...

King Mejè: Heheh. >:)

Kuzon: Darn you. AHH!

Kuzon shoots a giant Super Blast at Mejè. King Mejè is hit and takes it on, soon pushing it aside.

King Mejè: That all you got?

Kuzon: No.

Kuzon disappears out of nowhere...

King Mejè: Huh?

Goku: This fight's getting good! Though I don't think Kuzon can go much longer like he is, only a Super Saiyan. I know!

Kuzon appears back in front of Mejè, and knees him hard as heck in the gut. Kuzon then rapidly punches him in the face and kicks him down.

Goku telepathically talks to Kuzon..

Goku: Kuzon! Go Super Saiyan 2 or so! You can't go like this much more!

Kuzon: ...Maybe, but not until I have a little fight. Heheh.

Goku: Just like Vegeta..wants to fight more than help or try to end it.

Kuzon powers up blasting his aura

King Meje: Show off, kid. Not helping.

Kuzon: I can say the same for you. AH!

Kuzon blasts into Super Saiyan 2!

Kuzon: >:)

King Meje: .... :| (thinking) Fine. Have it that way!

King Meje blasts rapid fire blasts at Kuzon. Kuzon dodges them all and rushes fast up to King Meje and smashes him in the face, and knees him in the chin and blasts him forward. King Meje is no fool, and roundhouses Kuzon in the gut, and smashes him down. Kuzon flips on the ground.

Kuzon: KA..ME..HA..ME..

King Meje: This again! Grr...GALACTO!

Kuzon: Huh?! Grr.. HA!!!!!

King Meje's Green Galacto and Kuzon's deep blue Super Kamehameha go head to head in a beam clash. The Galacto starts to slowly take over the Kamehameha, until Kuzon puts his full-force in the Kamehameha. the Kamehameha then starts taking over the Galacto. The Galacto disappears and King Meje does too ot of no where..

Kuzon: What the..?

King Meje: HA!

Kuzon: O.o

King Meje quickly grabs Kuzon and squeezes him with full force..

King Meje: I call the Galactic Hug! >:)

Kuzon: AH! Grr...Let go! Pathetic!

Kuzon blasts from his hold in a huge power up. He turns and faces King Meje menacingly. He then punches Meje rapidly in the face and kicks him in the arm. King Meje dodges and rams his arm in Kuzon's gut. Meje punches Kuzon hard, backhands him, and breathes stinky breath in his face.


King Meje: Galactic Breath! >:)

Kuzon: Pathetic! And putting 'galactic' in front of all your attacks...weak! Even my dad does better than that, and he sucks at names.

King Meje: Grrr...Damn you! AH!

King Meje releases a super huge explosion attack from the gem on his head. Kuzon blows 50 feet away from behind and smashes on the ground. King Meje blasts down from the air and rams his foot in Kuzon's back hard. Kuzon tries to get up but can't.

Kuzon: Grr...Ah!

King Meje: (smuggling foot in his back) Heheh. Hehehehehe. Die with your fleshy old skin. Heheheh.

Goku: Dang! Comon Kuzon!

Vegeta: See!? I wouldn't be getting smashed like that!

King Meje flies up and throws a Power Ball at ground-smashed Kuzon. Kuzon is hit, but slowly gets up and throws rapid Ki blasts at Meje. King Meje dodges some of them, hit by some, but not done yet.

King Meje: Grrr..

Kuzon: Heh.

Kuzon floats up and forms a giant pink ki ball above his head. He launches it at King Meje. (King Meje: Grr..) King Meje forms up in a ball, the large Ki ball absorbs into Meje.

Everyone: O.o What the heck?! He can absorb stuff!? (facepalm) This is bad.

King Meje pops back up.

Kuzon: Grr...What's the deal?!

King Meje: (lifting his head evily) Hehe...hehe...I feel brand new and fresh! Time to unleash it all!

Kuzon: I'm not playing no more games fool! I also have something new to unleash...

King Meje: Hm?

Everyone: What?!

What are these new forms Kuzon and King Meje have yet to unleash? More so, what is this new form Kuzon has yet to unleash? Find out next time!

Chapter 11: King Meje's 3rd Transformation!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, King Meje and Kuzon went head to head! But just as everyone thought it was all over, King Meje unleashed a move that suprised everyone. He then said it had to do with his 3rd transformation! And Kuzon also has an idea for a form! What are these forms? What are they up to? Find out now!

Wind blows...

Pan: What are they each talking about?

Goku: Stay out of it..I don't really know either..

Kuzon: You go first, Meje..

King Meje: Gladly! I was going to anyway!

Kuzon: ......

King Meje flips up in the air, and stops with a boom. He then starts absorbing wind, as the wind blows around him in a circle. The ground starts to crumble...


Goku: Comon Pan! (grabs Pan and flies away)

Kuzon: Hmph.

Kuzon steps back a few feet and stops steadily, not worried at all.

King Meje: AAAHHH!!!!!!

Energy shoots from the King's body, blast everything at hundreds of miles per hour. King Meje's shell turns a dark blue, the horns on his head shoot out and grow smaller ones on them like a tree and its branches. His mouth molds into a shell, like Imperfect Cell's. His eyes turn a dark black, and he grows a bit bigger..

King Meje: AAAHHH!!!! AHH!!!! AHHHhhh.......(head down)...Grr..I am--Super Meje!

Kuzon: O.o >:(

Goku: (taking arm off face) What--the..? Grrr...His's higher than ever...

Vegeta: Damn!

King Meje: Haha..haha...I am back, better than ever. Prepare to meet your fate, prepare to DIE!

King Meje forms a huge Ki ball the size of a fourth of the entire planet, and lounges it at the Z-Fighter's fast. The Z-Fighter's, Goku, Vegeta, Kuzon, and Pan take on the super ball. Goku goes Super Saiyan, same as Vegeta in order to barely take the ball, Pan falls down to the ground.

Kuzon: You monster! AAHH!!!

Kuzon blasts up to Meje as the blast continues into the planet. He punches him hard as hell, and pummels him back. King Meje grabs Kuzon's face and smashes it on his hard chest, then lets him go onto the ground below. Kuzon gets up and rushes and shoots a God-Breaker at Meje. King Meje kicks him back down on his gut.

Kuzon: Damn!

Kuzon rushes to Goku and Vegeta and helps them dodge the huge Ki Ball.

King Meje: Wahaha!! Teach you to destroy my planet and hurt the great King Meje!

Just as they start dodging it, Goten, Gohan and Trunks wake up from unconsiousness..

Goku: (looking back) ...Gohan, Goten, Trunks!

Pan: Huh? Dad! Uncle Goten, Trunks!

Vegeta: Huh!?

Goten: What the--where...AHH!! (see's giant Ki ball)

Gohan: What's going on!?

Trunks: Yeah?!

Goku: I'll tell you later! If we're here then...Just help!

Gohan, Trunks, and Goten all join in, in helping, they all go Super Saiyan too. The giant ball soon starts to die off, and disappear...Once it is gone, the sky turns greenish again and King Meje is no where to be seen.

Goten: Where'd he go! And what's with his power?! It's freaking huge!

Trunk: Got that right.

Gohan: I don't know, but he is probably up to his tricks..

Kuzon: Grrr...Damn this! I'm sick of being beat around..

Gohan: We all are! But we always usually find a way..always..

Kuzon: (looks up) Well that's too bad. Comon Meje! Bring it on!!

King Meje appears in front of Gohan, and rams his knee up his gut. He then appears behind Goten and punches him hard in the neck. Then to Trunks, where he kicks him in the chin 40 feet away...

Goku: HEY!! What the heck was that!?

King Meje then grabs Goku and smashes him on the ground. King Meje floats up laughing..

Kuzon: ..Grr...Darn you! KA-ME-HA-ME-HAA!!

Kuzon's Kamehameha goes right at Meje. King Meje deflects it back at everyone, where there is a huge explosion...

Kuzon: ..Damned you..fight like a man!

King Meje: WAHAHA. Too bad. YOU fight like a man. Oh wait, you can't because you're just a kid! WAHAHA (coughs) dang.

Kuzon: Grr...

Pan: Comon Kuzon, just-kill him! Someone!

Goku: I think I might have to step in..

Kuzon: ..NO. No...I'm not done yet..he can have a 3rd form, so why can't I?

Everyone: O.o Huh? What?! What do you mean!?

Vegeta: What are you getting at kid!?

Kuzon: >:)

King Meje: ? Hmm? Heheh. Bring whatever you got!

After a long series of events, Gohan, Goten and Trunks waking up, Kuzon has finally agreed to show off his idea. What is this idea? Is it all just a crazy fail plan? Find out next time!

Chapter 12: Super Saiyan 3 Kuzon!!!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, King Meje unleashed his evil 3rd transformation, and tested his new power against the Z-Fighter's, chilling. Now, it's Kuzon's turn to unleash his new form! What will this be like? Will it be he key to victory? Find out, now!

On the battlefield..

Kuzon: I've trained so long, over the last 2 years, and on the way here, just to get this one form perfect, and it still isn't perfect and can't hold it long.

King Meje: Heheheh.

Goku: I think I know what he's talking about...

Gohan: Wha-you don't mean..?

Goku: Mhm, Super Saiyan 3!

Dragonball Z - Super Saiyan 3 Ascension Theme01:59

Dragonball Z - Super Saiyan 3 Ascension Theme

This plays as he transforms

Kuzon: AAhh!!

The wind blows hard, trees and waves all around tear apart...his power..

Kuzon: AAAHH!!!!!

Kuzon's hair starts extend slowly...

Gohan: Comon! (flies back with Pan)

Kuzon: (struggling) AAAHH!!! DAMNIT! AAAHH!!!

The sky turns black, lightning strikes all around...

Kuzon: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuzon's hair starts growing, shining gold...his clothes almost tear off at the power...

Goku: He-He's doing it! Yes!

King Meje: (covering eyes) Wh-What the hell is this?! AH!

Kuzon: AAA-AAAHH!!

As a final chance, Kuzon's hair finally hits full long growth..a huge lightning storm in the skies and all around him..power shoots from his body in a blinding rage..


Kuzon finally hits it..the dust slowly fades a Super Saiyan 3!!!

Kuzon: (breathing hard) Whoo..That was hard. But I've done it..King Kuzon, Super Saiyan 3 Kuzon!!

King Meje: (taking arm off eyes) Wh-What!? What is this!?

Kuzon: What did you expect you ass of an enemy? Hell no. It ends here. Your days are over, Meje.

King Meje: Grrr...making your hair longer isn't helping no one!

Goku: Don't be a fool Meje...

King Meje: Huh? Wh-

Kuzon: Listen to what he says...bitc*..

King Meje: WH-How DARE YOU! Call the great King Meje a bitc*!

Pan: Kuzon's's amazing..he's a Super Saiyan 3!

King Meje: I-I'll show you! Comon! FIGHT ME!!

Kuzon: Oh, we'll get to that. First, let me, 'get ready'.

Kuzon flexes his arms and shows off to Meje..

King Meje: Grrr...

Kuzon: ...Mad? You're just mad 'cause you don't have muscles like this (flexes) just a hard shell, like your head!

King Meje: OH, you little! Grrr....I have more than you!

Goten: Kuzon not only got more powerful, but more cocky!

Gohan: Like Gotenks..

Trunks: ^

King Meje: Comon! FIGHT M-

Before King Meje can finish his sentence, he is superly, smashed in the face by Kuzon in the blink of an eye. Silence...

King Meje: (grabbing red face) AH..ah..-Wha- What are you..

Kuzon: I am Kuzon! And I am a Saiyan! A Super Saiyan 3!

King Meje: You

Kuzon: Haven't you said enough already?

King Meje: GRRR, I'LL SHOW YOU!!! AHHH!!!

King Meje shoots a huge pink blast at Kuzon, who dodges it easily...

Kuzon: Pink is for girls. Now you're a girl too? Eh, no suprise I guess. (looks at nails)

King Meje: ass.

Kuzon: Look who's talking.

Gohan: Comon Kuzon! Don't waste time, you can't be a Super Saiyan 3 forever! Fight!

Kuzon: Eh, as you wish mom.


Kuzon: Well, let's GO! AAHH!!!

Kuzon quickly rushes right to King Meje with his fist about to smash him, King Meje has his fist about to smash Kuzon too, the camera stops and details it.

Kuzon, has became, a Super Saiyan 3! But, will this new power stay long? What will happen between him and King Meje? Find out next!

Chapter 13: Super Saiyan 3 Kuzon vs. King Meje! Super Battle!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon unleashed his ultimate newest form, Super Saiyan 3!!! Now that Kuzon has his all new power, and Meje has his new power, what will happen? Find out now!

On the battlefield...silence..

Kuzon: AH!

King Meje: AHH!

Kuzon and King Meje smash fists, then kick each other in the face followed by several punches and kicks. Kuzon flips back and shoots a mini Kamehameha at King Meje, who takes it on and throws it aside. King Meje throws down a large power ball, which throws Kuzon into the ground at smashing speeds. Though Kuzon is not on the ground when he hits, he appears behind King Meje. They each turn around and smash each other in the face with their giant fists.

Kuzon: Not bad.

King Meje: You either...

Goten: Looks like this fight is gonna start getting good! (sits)

Goku: (steady look)

Vegeta: I can't believe he's actually a Super Saiyan 3..HE can reach it but I can't!! What the hell man?!!

Kuzon and King Meje do a stare down..

Kuzon: Your move...

King Meje: Gladly.

King Meje forms a large green Ki ball in his hand sparks and makes a black aura around him..

Kuzon: Hmm, what's this I wonder? Another fail move, possibly. Eh, certain.

King Meje: Elu..CATO!!!

Kuzon: Do you make these words out of no where? Jeez. (stance to block)

Kuzon takes his stance and takes on the huge blast. The power makes the grass blow and ground fly away. Kuzon harnesses its energy and the ball turns blue, he then has power enough to launch it back at King Meje. Meje, confused, throws it back behind him, and it explodes in the distance in a super explosion. Kuzon floats there calm, same as Meje.

Kuzon: I have a feeling this fight it going to be a while.

King Meje: Mhm. That's why I am about to end it soon before I waste my time.

Kuzon: Bring it.

King Meje: Gladly.

Goku: I have a feeling this is about to get mad..

Vegeta: Right..

Kuzon: Guys, go away farther. I need a lot of room for this fight. >:)

King Meje: Boy who likes his room huh? Heheh.

Kuzon: Yep. Meje who likes his appetite huh? Heheh.

King Meje: ....Comon!

King Meje shoots rapid Ki blasts at Kuzon, and then a God-Breaker. Kuzon rushes through most of them, and attempts to kick Meje in the face with a punch or two, which Meje dodges. Kuzon teleports to the ground where Meje is heading and grabs him and throws him a few feet (Kuzon: Man you're heavy!). King Meje, unharmed, gets up and makes a light ball above him, making it light everywhere. All the Z-Fighter's and Kuzon block their eyes, and King Meje rushes and rams his knee up Kuzon's gut, and sucker punches him hard in the face and Kuzon flies into the dirt. King Meje then, about to pick Kuzon up, Kuzon disappears and teleports behind Meje in the air and kicks in in the back face down in the dirt. He puts his foot on his back.

Kuzon: Well, look at that. We, are at a draw. :)

King Meje: Grrr..

King Meje teleports beside Kuzon and tries kicking him in the side, Kuzon runs back and shoots a large Ki blast at Meje. Meje dodges it and kicks Kuzon in the face. Kuzon is unharmed and teleports above Meje, he then uses a ground pound like attack and lands smash down on King Meje. King Meje slips from it and forces a large Ki blast up Kuzon's gut. Kuzon flies back, Meje teleports while Kuzon is flying through the air and punches him higher, after about 90 feet, Meje smashes Kuzon to the ground. Kuzon, stops before he hits though, and zooms up to Meje again at amazing speeds and rams him in the face and smashes Meje down instead.

King Meje: Not too bad...

Kuzon: Mhm. Heheh.

Vegeta: I-I don't know who's winning! They are equal! Though it looks like King Meje might have the advantage, even with Kuzon's Super Saiyan 3..

Goku: (watching calmly)

Kuzon and King Meje both rush back up in the air and stop. They then start pummeling each other. Kick there, kick here, punch there, punch here. King Meje then punches Kuzon, Kuzon dodges it with his arm. Kuzon chin-kicks Meje and Meje floats back and sucker punches Kuzon. Kuzon flips back in the air and shoots some Fireballs at King Meje. King Meje dodges some. King Meje then flies down to the ground ans stops. He shoots a large Ki ball at the ground and a large round ball of dirt flies out and lands in Meje's palms. King Meje then flies up and throws it down at Kuzon. Kuzon sticks out his arm and saws right through the ball, and it falls to the ground in fourths. It smashes, making a large desert like area or dirt.

Kuzon: Hmph. You'd rather ruin the good soil, than help it grow. Some king, really cares for his planet. First kills his own people then destroys his own planet which is really the only reason we are here right now. Some logic.

King Meje: Grr...

Kuzon: ...Getting mad isn't helping you or anyone. Just drop it and bring it.

King Meje: Oh I'll bring it all right..hehe..

Kuzon: Hm? (confused face)

Goku: He-He's up to something...

King Meje: >:)

Everyone else: |:/

What is King Meje's plan? What is he up to? Find out next!

Chapter 14: King Meje's Electric Shock Bomber!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, newly Super Saiyan 3 Kuzon, and powerful King Meje went all out in a super battle! But what is King Meje's evil plan? Find out now!

On the field..

Kuzon punches King Meje rapidly and kicks him down. King Meje shoots a large blast up at him and it blows up on Kuzon's chest..they float down...

Kuzon: Go ahead and unleash this "power attack" you've been going on about.

King Meje: Gladly! And you'll regret it..

Kuzon: Sure. (floats back)

King Meje: Heheheh. >:D

King Meje floats up and spreads his limbs. A blinding light is released from his body, then ensealed again. He crouchs into a ball. Then a devestating show of blue black energy floats around him and everyone...the sky fades black..

Gohan: Now what's he doing?!

Goku: I don't know but this is looking bad! Move! (flies away)

Kuzon: (floats back)

King Meje lifts his finger up and makes a huge black ball the size of a foot ball field. It has lightning bolts all around it, and you can feel its power....

King Meje: Maybe this will finally teach you a lesson! TIME TO DIE!!

Kuzon: (Stance) Here we GO!!

King Meje throws the huge bomb right at the ground at amazing speeds and it smashes into the Z-Fighters, who start taking it on all on one..

Kuzon: This is bad! AH!

Kuzon starts using an abosrbing power on the huge blast, but it proves no match. Kuzon rushes up to Meje in the air throwing Power Balls into the blast trying to make it stronger, and sucker punches him hard in the face. King Meje just cocks his head, then lets go and his head smashes Kuzon's head and Kuzon flies down and lands on his legs dizzy..

Kuzon: Ehhh.....colors...- Darn you! That's the strongest? Nice..

King Meje: ...No! This is! HAHA!

King Meje shoots a large Power Ball at Kuzon, who dodges it without looking.

Kuzon: ...

King Meje: Ah, it was a joke, foolish boy. I can turn this Electric Shock bomb on you anytime! Just keep the mouth 'a yakin'!

Kuzon: ....Darn yo- AH!

Kuzon is out of no where faced with a large ball of Ki. The Super Electric Bomb, spilts into 4 seperate round balls each the size of a car. One smashes right into Kuzon..his Super Saiyan 3 hair flies..

Kuzon: Dammit! AAH!!! (pushing away hard)

Goku: Th-This! (Goes Super Saiyan 2) AAH!!! (starts pushing it)

Vegeta: Same! (Super Saiyan 2) DARN YOU!!!! AH!!

Gohan, Trunks and Goten each blast into Super Saiyan. Pan uses a Kamehameha against it..

King Meje: Heheh. You damned fools. Don't you know this thing absorbs power?

Kuzon: O.o Darn it!

Goku: Grrr...AH!

Goku attempts to go over the ball to King Meje to fight, but a large shield made from the ball prevents him as King Meje laughs behind it...

Vegeta also tries and is blocked away..

Vegeta: Damn it! AAH!! (kicks hard)

Vegeta's kick cracks it and the Ki barrier disenegrates...

Vegeta then rushes King Meje and smashes him in the face. He kicks him rapidly and shoots a super bright attack in his face. King Meje, unharmed, grabs Vegeta and throws him into the Ki ball and Vegeta is burned badly. Goten also starts to kick Meje, while Trunks kicks him in the face. Trunks punches him in the chin and elbows his gut and Goten rapidly punches his gut and eyes. King Meje throws Goten aside and kicks Trunks off his legs, with his eyes hurting though.

Kuzon: Darn! He's getting all his power from the Ball...OH- Guys! HE'S LYING!! IT ISN'T ABSORBING POWER! HE USED IT TO TRICK YO- AH!

Kuzon is quickly sucker punched so hard, it makes an earthquake under. The camera shows it in slow motion. Kuzon falls to the ground hard and descends to his base, knocked out.

Goku: Ku-Kuzon!

Gohan: He..He's knocked out!

Vegeta: Grrr...DAMNIT!!! AAHH!!! BIG BANG, ATTACK!!!

Vegeta shoots a Big Bang Attack at the blast, severely damaging it and making it turn way smaller, about Kuzon's size!

King Meje: What?! GRRR..

King Meje. thinking of the next move, see's Pan shooting a 'weak' Kamehameha at him. King Meje forms a giant Super Ball in his hand, and shoots a giant lightning bolt at Pan, throwing her 50 feet and knocking her out with blood on her face...

Gohan: ...PAN!!!! AAHH!!

Goku: THAT'S IT!! AHH!!

Goku blasts into Super Saiyan 4, rushes up to King Meje and kicks him in the gut, smashes his face in, grabs his face, headbutts him hard as hell, and throws him to the ground! Gohan follows and starts a Kamehameha, with Goku!

Goku: KAA, ME, HA, ME, HAAAA!!!!

Gohan: HAAA!!!

Goku and Gohan, a father son 100x Kamehameha, shoots King Meje in the shell hard! The power makes a raging earthquake while the sky is black with storms. The power of the red kamehameha, is devestating, and King Meje...King Meje's outer shell breaks apart!

King Meje: (owned) AAAAHH!!!!!

Goku: HAAA!!

King Meje: Uh..Uhh..(knocked out)

~15 minutes later~

Kuzon: (waking up) Uhh..whe-where's Mej-

Kuzon see's King Meje knocked out on the ground with swirly eyes..

Kuzon: Woah..wha-You...

Kuzon see's Goku and the others except Vegeta looking over something...

Kuzon: Guys?

Goku: We-We had too, Kuzon..After what he did to Pan, he was a threat to us all...

Kuzon: Oh my..

Gohan: He..he just shot her, almost killed her..she's alive..but..barely.

Kuzon: Tha-That damned monster better hope he never wakes u-

King Meje, wakes up heavily, also confused what happened..He is now a lighter green..

Kuzon: (gets in stance) You're up..

King Meje: Whe- You! You fleshy fools! Wha- What happened!?

Goku: I went Super Saiyan 4, and used a 100x Kamehameha with Gohan, to try to kill you...we knocked out your shell...just proves you're stronger than we thought..

King Meje: Heh. And so he admits it. I can grow it back..

Kuzon: Wait, you went Super Saiya-

Goku: We had too..I'm sorry, Kuzon. I know you want to beat him, but you were knocked out...

Kuzon: I understand. But he's still here. And so I can still finish it...and make him pay for what he did to Pan..Grr..

King Meje: ...HAHA!! Once again, you say you'll beat me.. Come on! Let's get this fight started!

Kuzon: Grrr...Let's go! Grr..

Goku: Looks like we're back at it..

King Meje has released a giant Electric Shock Blast, hurt many of the Z-Fighter's and almost killed Pan! Now, after many events Kuzon is getting his revenge..what will happen? Find out next!

Chapter 15: The Point of Hope! Kuzon's outraging fury!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, King Meje released his ultimate Electric Shocker Bomb! While using, he injured many Z-Fighter's, and almost killed Pan! Which enfuriated all the Z-Fighters, but Kuzon will express it to King Meje by kicking his butt! What will happen? Find out now!

On the battlescene..

Kuzon: Let's do this.

The sky is greenish usual with the small blue clouds now and then..

King Meje: Heh.

Kuzon floats up and blasts into Super Saiyan 2. Then he powers up more and a large lightningy aura surrounds him and the ground breaks up again..

Kuzon: AAAAHHHH!!!!!

Kuzon's hair grows long fast and his muscles expand. He is a Super Saiyan 3..

Kuzon: Now that that's finished, I'm ready.

King Meje: Ah, AH! (powers up) Let's move!

Kuzon and King Meje rush each other and smash fists. King Meje lets go and kicks Kuzon in the gut. Kuzon stutters back and smashes Meje in the face, then knees his chin. King Meje flips in the air and stops. He launches large Ki rockets at Kuzon, who takes most, and then grabs one. It makes Kuzon fly back, which he is holding the rocket. Kuzon bends the rocket and launches it right back at Meje. King Meje blows it up by making a fist. King Meje teleports over under Kuzon and tries to smash his large fists into Kuzon's leg. Kuzon dodges and punches King Meje rapidly and shoots a God-Breaker..Kuzon lands down on the ground and dodges a small Ki blast from Meje..King Meje lands too.

Stare off...silence..

Goten: Woah...

Kuzon teleports. He appears behind King Meje and smashes him in the neck back with his leg. King Meje stops and looks back but Kuzon's gone again. Kuzon rams his foot up Meje's chin while he isn't looking and the King flies back into a cliff. The King flies back up made and shoots a huge green blast at Kuzon, who rolls away in time. King Meje teleports to Kuzon and knees him hard in the gut. Kuzon flies back into a cliff.

King Meje: And, that makes us even in that matter. Heheh.

Kuzon: (dusting self off) Not hardly. >:)

King Meje: .....Foolish child.

King Meje teleports and smashes Kuzon in the face with his knee. Kuzon flies back, stops and shoots rapid Ki Barrage at Meje. King Meje flips back through it and jumps, makes a Mini Galacto and shoots it at Kuzon in a large thick beam. The beam penetrates the ground, comes back through the ground, in and out, all the way 'till it gets to Kuzon. Kuzon takes it on, throws it up away, but Meje controls it to come back to Kuzon. Kuzon takes it with one hand and tries to revert it to King Meje, but fails. King Meje sends a shock of lightning through the bolt to shock Kuzon when he isn't looking..

Kuzon: AAH! Grrr.. (burning hand)

King Meje: Heheh. :)

Goten: Well, this fight is getting "hot"! HAHA!! (laughing hard)

Everyone: -_-"

Goten: What?! I can't tell jokes once in a while?

Goku: The only one..

Kuzon rushes King Meje and punches him hard. King Meje grabs his fist and throws Kuzon down. Kuzon drills a hole when he hits the ground and slips from Meje's grip and under King Meje, where he blasts him up in the air, teleports up there, and smashes King Meje down fast. King Meje gets up, mad, and shoots a large Ki blast at Kuzon, who breaks it. As he throws it, King Meje teleports and appears behind Kuzon. He holds him tightly, doing something..

Kuzon: Th-This is no time for hugs!

King Meje: Ohhh, this is much more than a 'hug'!

King Meje grabs Kuzon's long Super Saiyan 3 hair, and starts spinning him around rapidly. Kuzon thinks of a plan..

Kuzon: Hmph. (being spun by hair)

Kuzon descends from Super Saiyan 3 while being spun, and his hair disappears and King Meje loses hold, Kuzon flings into a cliff wall, jumps off it and smashes King Meje in the face and then kicks to the ground. Kuzon floats down, a Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan: Woah. One clever plan!

Goku: Wouldn't be suprised if he also did that because he was losing energy..

King Meje: Hmph. Clever..

Kuzon: Indeed. Ah! (powers up)

King Meje gets up and powers up. Kuzon and King Meje are 5 feet from each other, as Kuzon is looking up to the evil King..

Kuzon rushes and teleports fast, and appears above King Meje and throws him into a wall!

Kuzon: This fight is about to get violent!! AAAHH!!!

Kuzon blasts into Super Saiyan 3, and rushes at King Meje and teleports. Kuzon appears and smashes Meje in the face hard and launches him into a wall. King Meje stops though, tears the rock from the ground and flings it at Kuzon. Kuzon jumps over it, pulls out his mini sword (for first time in series!) and slices it in half..he takes the halves and cuts them up. He launches them rapidly at Meje!

Kuzon: AAH!!

King Meje flies through them and kicks Kuzon into the air and launches him back down violently. On the ground, King Meje rams his knee up Kuzon, making him spit blood all over the place. He punches Kuzon rapidly, sucker punch, roundhouse and a fling. Kuzon flies into a wall, his Gi torn on an arm..

Goku: This fight it getting violent! I think they're for real now!

Kuzon: Yo-You ripped my Gi...

King Meje: >:)

Kuzon, fastly, rams his foot up Meje's gut as he is sitting, and flies up and pushes King Meje down. He flies up, and launches teo Ki rockets at Meje. King Meje grabs them with his hands and throws them behind. They almost his some of the other Z-Fighter's, who duck. Kuzon rushes and teleports and appears in the air with Meje, they start rapidly pummeling each other. Kick here, kick there, punches everywhere. Kuzon kicks Meje across the face, Meje rams his knee up Kuzon's gut, Kuzon smacks King Meje with no effect, King Meje punches Kuzon rapidly, knees him and elbows him to the ground. While Kuzon is flopping on the ground, King Meje teleports and kicks him hard in the head back into a large rock and shoots a light large Ki blast, burning...

Other Z-Fighters: This fight's getting wild!

Kuzon: D-Damn you..

King Meje: HAHA, and you said I'd lose. Boo hoo.And don't even try showing surrender, I am for no mercy now. Millions of lives isn't worth a "I surrender" speech and a half!

Kuzon: Well (wiping blood from his face), the Kuzon, stops here.

Kuzon flips over King Meje and kicks him forward in the back, making King Meje run into the dirt. Kuzon grabs him by the neck and throws him in a lake nearby. King Meje, bloody, arises from the lake mad, and yells super loud, making a large wind which Kuzon must make a large barrier to dodge. The yell breaks his barrier and Kuzon covers his ears. King Meje teleports and him and Kuzon are in the air pummeling each other, ripping clothes (King Meje has none), ripping flesh (same), scratching eyes. King Meje scratches Kuzon bad in the face and chest, making a large ass chest scar. He then has Kuzon at a weak spot, he knees Kuzon hard and throws him down to the ground. He lands face down in front of the Z-Fighter's..

Gohan: Kuzon! Power up!

Kuzon: I'...I'm losing power...I don't know what it is, but I'm not winning..I need more energy...but I'll try. AAHHH!!! AH!

Kuzon powers up hard. A large golden aura shines and goes away with lightning..

Kuzon: I know this won't last long..!

Kuzon with super speeds, rams into Meje in the sky, punches him rapidly, and kicks him hard. Kuzon finally, smashes King Meje with all his might to the ground...King Meje, puking blood, same with Kuzon, smashes face down...

Kuzon: That took it all...

Goten: Use what you have left to end him!

King Meje: N-No...

Kuzon: I am worn! I need energy..

Goku: Hmm...

Kuzon and King Meje have concluded their fight! But, they are both out of energy, seemingly no options, but Goku has a plan..what is it? Find out, on the final chapter, next!

Chapter 16: The End of Meje! The Super Impaler vs. The Super Galacto!

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, King Meje, and Kuzon finally went all out in the final fight! Now, Kuzon and King Meje are both out of energy, but Goku has a plan..What is this plan? Will this plan be the end of Meje? Find out, now!

King Meje is smashed on the ground, and Kuzon is floating in the air out of energy..Goku is thinking..

Kuzon: Tell me now, Goku...

Goku:'re both out of energy..I, and everyone else, can lend you energy, then you can use...

Kuzon: Use what..?

Goku: Well, you know that one large move you showed me a bit of a few months ago..?

Kuzon:'re not thinking..

Goku: It's the only way, (dignified) to defeat King Meje.

Goten: That rhymed! But good plan.

Gohan: Sounds good, hope it helps..

Vegeta: And so it comes to an end. Fantastic..let's get this thing over with!

King Meje: I-I don't know what you're talking about over there little human's, but it won't work!

Kuzon: I'm ready. (powers up)

Kuzon spreads his limbs, ready to gather energy..Goku flies up next to him..

Kuzon: Hm?

Goku: Remember? Usually without 2 people, it can backfire and destroy you..

Kuzon: Oh yeah..let's lend.

Goku lends a large amount to Kuzon. Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Pan all put their hands in the air...and the energy goes in Kuzon and Goku..

King Meje: Yo-You're not accomplishing anything spreading your limbs! It won't be long!

Gohan: Comon, he's getting ready to get up...

Goku: A..little more...

As the energy piles into Kuzon, King Meje also gains his energy...slowly..Kuzon and Goku come closer to having it done..

Vegeta: This damned planned idea of yours..I refuse my energy!

Goku: Grow up Vegeta, and give him the damned energy..

Goten: OHHHH..owned.

Vegeta: WH-..Grrr..fine..

Vegeta forcefully gives most of his energy to Goku and Kuzon...they finally have enough...

Kuzon: This is good enough! AAAHHHH!!!! (Super Saiyan 3)

Kuzon spreads his arms and makes 2 small basketball sized green balls in his hands...they shock with power...

Kuzon: Ah..Ah!

Goku: (lends energy to Kuzon)

Kuzon: Thi-This is enough...time to end this King Meje! Monster! AAH!!

Kuzon puts the balls together making one huge ball, faces it in front of him down at King Meje...1...2...3...FIRE!!

Kuzon shoots a super huge green laser of Ki at King Meje, who gets up as it hits him.

King Meje: This thing? HAHAHA. Bring it! AAH!

King Meje takes on the blast from the ground..Kuzon puts his full Super Saiyan 3 power in the blast! The blast starts making the ground crumble apart. The sky fades a, and lightning strikes everywhere.. The blast grows the thickness of a school bus, and is a thick blue and green, with blue slips going through it..

Gohan: This is going to get bad!

Pan climbs on Gohan..

Trunks: Got that right! Ah! (donates more energy)

Goku flies down to them.

Goku: Don't give him it all now! Then we won't be able to use it later!

Gohan: Right. Just watch, but these winds, fly back!

They all fly a few hundred more feet away...

As the wind blows, sky is black and ground crumbles and flies from the devestating power of the Super Impaler..King Meje unleashes his super attack against it..

King Meje: Super GALACTO!! AAHH!!!

King Meje's Super Galacto goes up against the Super Impaler, in a super beam battle..!!

Kuzon: This is it, Meje! Time to end it..

As green and blue wild stripes surround Kuzon, Goku, King Meje, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Pan, Vegeta. Seen from space, explosions and winds..the power shakes the planet..

Kuzon: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Meje: AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Meje falls to the ground, while the Super Impaler smashes his chest, and King Meje is unable to grab it and is forced down..



Goku: AAAAAAH!!!

Everyone else: AAAHH!!!

Goku, blasts into Super Saiyan 4 and gathers the other Z-Fighters..

The planet begins to slowly break...lava bombs from the dirt...mountains are made all around..

Goku grabs Kuzon, and everyone else, who are all going crazy...

King Meje: NO! NO!! YOU WON'T GET AWAY!! NOT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

As King Meje says his words, Goku uses Instant Transmission and everyone disappears...And King Meje, mad and ripping apart..


As he says his last words, the Super Impaler impales Meje through the hard shell, and incinerates him...

After that, the planet, already breaking apart, turns black and red, and explodes in a super explosion, killing everyone Meje on the planet...

Read the Snake 2nd Saga, here..

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