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Meigetsu Tenha
Meigetsu Tenha
Meigetsu Tenha
Anime name Wicked Moon Blast
Manga name Meigetsu Tenha
Alternate names Black Moon Fang
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Grand Supreme Dark Kai
Users Grand Supreme Dark Kai
Class Technique

Meigetsu Tenha(邪悪月波, Lit. "Evil Moon Heaven Blast") is a technique used by The Grand Supreme Dark Kai when wielding Ashoka. 


At the instance of the slash, Ashoka absorbs Mu's energy and unleashes it in the form of a powerful energy wave in the shape of a fang or a crescent. The fang is shown to be extremely deadly and powerful, capable of slicing through most forms of solid matter with casual ease, and continue traveling after it has done so. It can also be detonated during mid flight, yielding extreme explosive power in the process of the wielders wills it to happen. The blast is colored a pitch black with a dark red outline and glow surrounding it. 

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