This article, Mecha Ligesh, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Mecha Ligesh, is a Role-Play article.

Mecha Ligesh
Mecha ligesh
Professional Status
Personal Status
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This article, Mecha Ligesh, is property of Maroyasha.


After crash landing on a far away world, Ligesh crawled from his pod to be surrounded by these odd aliens. They brought him to an odd building and gave him metallic parts. He now has a energy blaster on his right arm and mechanical legs. They replaced his missing eye with a mechanical one. Now he is fully healed and almost equal to Ian's DSSJ. Now he goes throughout the universe blowing up planets for fun on his quest to get revenge on Kotaz and Destiny.

Can It Be Done?

Ligesh was in space on day when an evil presence came before him. It was Scal. Scal requested Ligesh to aid in the destroying of T-Fighters. Ligesh accepted but what he doesn't know is, can it be done?



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