This article, Master and Student Combo, is a Role-Play article.

Master and Student Combo is a team attack used by Tsuki Shatogen and Dashi.
Master and Student combo

First, Tsuki uses version 1 of his Lightning Release Armour, Dashi uses his elemental abilities and breathes wind on the ground, making a vortex around him. Tsuki lifts the opponent to the air and jumps to the air, grabs the opponent and throws them back to ground; before the opponent hits the ground, Dashi is just below the opponent then the opponent gets sucked into the vortex. Tsuki starts falling to the vortex also. The vortex turns into sharp blades of wind and the opponent gets stabbed by them, Tsuki finally elbows the opponent causing a great amount of damage, while keeping himself away from the blades of wind at the same time.

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