"This Old Mans time is over. If there is one thing that i'm sure of, its that the next generation always surpasses the previous. You, Trias, Michael... all of you may not know it, but right now, you are blazing the trail that one day, humans, saiyans, and all species will one day thank you for... only you can do this. I am simply the passer of knowledge.. the tool for ushering new era's of peace"
— -Master Tenchi after fighting Tre

Master Tenchi
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Master Tenchi is the current timeline version of the character of the same name. He is one of the four "Supreme Treasures" in the fact that he assisted and has been here since the Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki's start. He is retired and lives a life of solitude in the vast mountain ranges of Japan. Many people seek to learn from him but nearly nobody knows where he is located in the mountains.




Powers & Abilities


Behind The Scenes

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