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Marx is a Majin/Saiyan hybrid.


Marx was just a Majin at one stage in his life, and the first one the galactic prison brought in, so they did not know of the Majin's powers. Once he was put in a cell he possessed a guard and escaped. He later met a scientist who said he can make him stronger, so he created a artificial Saiyan body and allowed him to possess it; he was also fueled with artificial Ki the scientist called "VI"


Heaven and Hell Twin Cannon: A bat wing appears on his right and an angel wing on his left. He then generates a black orb and a white orb, which he then combines and fires a large blast at the target

Angel Thunder: Two angel wings appear on him. He raises both his hands, then brings them down and fires thunder from his mouth and hands

Devil Driver: Marx generates black orbs in both his hands, then puts them together and smashes the opponent in the face with his two hands

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