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Name Manticore
Romanji Mantis-corado
Debut '
User PhantomSilverShenron
Race Zeltraxian
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth December 1
Date of Death N/A
Height 6'8"
Weight 125 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Good
Personal Status
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"He's like the coldest of all winter nights...The wind is pounding in your ears...The snow coming down in sheets...That's what it's like to feel the true wrath of Manticore...- PhantomSilverShenron describing his masterpiece

Manticore is another RP character of PhantomSilverShenron.


SJ disappeared after killing all villains in Arkham Asylum. He left a card in a palace in the sky. The man who lived in this palace found the card. And so...Manticore began his journey. Manticore is currently 19. After Manticore began his journey, SS realized why SJ was so content on this guy. He was powerful. Very, very powerful. SS and Zephyr realized that Manticore would be perfect to harness an A.I. Manticore was given the A.I. "Delta", who represented Logic.

Relationship to his people and his planet

Very few Zeltraxians survived. They were relocated on one of the many moons of Zeltrax. Manticore visited the moon, only to see it too was being ruled, but this time ruled by Frieza's Ghostly form. Manticore defeated the ghost, earning him the title of "God of Zeltrax".

Ultima Stage 1


Demon Form


Manticore is from a distant planet called Zeltrax, making him a Zeltraxian. He was sent to Earth, when a mysterious man found him. They lived in a palace in the sky. That mysterious man turned out to be SM/SJ/SS.

Ultima Stage 2


Manticore using Hell's Iron Fist


Manticore was born on planet Zeltrax to an unknown mother and father. The planet was ruled by Frieza. Frieza began to fear the Zeltraxians, like he did the Saiyans. Manticore's mother and father tried to stop Frieza, and almost succeeded. They fought against King Cold as well, and even made him go into his second form. But they were defeated. Manticore was sent to Earth by a friend of his parents.

Manticore with his wings out




Ultima Stages 1-3

Ultima Stage 3


Zen Star

Spirit Bomb

Angel Beam

Angelic Zen Star

Demon Burst

Demonic Zen Star

Heaven's Wrath

Hell's Iron Fist

Kamehameha and various other versions Ultima Zen Star (Main Finisher)

Ultima Zen Bomb (Other Finisher)

Death Beam

Tri Beam

Omega Dynasty


  • He hates mountains
  • His favorite color is Blue
  • He hates Peyton Manning and LeBron James
  • He believes Soccer is the best sport

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