This article, Majin SS, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Majin SS, is a Role-Play article.

"Feel the power of a Majin Shenron!"

Majin SS
SS reborn9
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Personal Status
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Majin SS is the 2nd Main RP character of PhantomSilverShenron.


Majin SS was created when a small strand of Buu's DNA contacted with SS while he was using his Super Shenron transformation. This power gave the Majin DNA new life, in the form of SS. He is just like SS,same powers and personality, with some slight changes in the former.


Majin SS is a pink version of SS' Super Shenron Transformation. He bears the majin buckle and white pants,with blue Dragonball markins on his chest. He has spikes sticking out of his arms,legs and back. He has claw-like hands and feet. Of course,he has the "M" on his forehead.

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