This article, Macrotors, is a Role-Play article.

Macrotors are a Humanoid Dragon race thought to be created for war.


  • Alora
  • Cellab
  • Seros
  • Voris


Images (80)

An Aloran soldier preparing for battle.

Alorans are the smartest of the Macrotors. They were the first Macrotors to wear clothes, and the first to make weapons.


Images (83)

A Cellab general declares victory.

Cellabs the most aggressive and the first to wear armour and to use shields.


Images (82)

A Seros soldier, the first Macrotor.

Seroses were the first tribe of Macrotors and do not wear clothes at all.


Images (81)

The king of the Voris tribe.

Voris is the most dragon like tribe and do not wear clothes.

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