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Lookout Tournament (Lookout Tourney, LWWMAT) is the Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki World Martial Arts Tournament, and the fighting arena of the the Lookout.

This is where users register and then battle to win big prizes! Clash and Fight for the people.

The Tournament is held in the Wiki Chat.


  • No God-Modding (Dodging every attack or move)
  • No Cheating
  • No Killing (or ways that can kill)
  • No getting out of Ring or you're out

Other Tournament Types

Tournament 1

Fights and Winners:

  • DJ vs Nova
  • vs SS1 Soldier
  • DJ vs SS
  • DJ vs Zion

Tournament 2

Fights and Winners:

  • Mars vs. DJ = ?
  • Tenchi vs. = Leogian
  • SS vs. Bolt (BoltBlader) = SS
  • Leogian vs. Kuzon =

Tournament 3

Fights and Winners:

Tournament 4

Fights and Winners:

  • vs. = Winner: Zero

Tournament 5

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