This article, Lookout Salon: Episode One, is property of ParadoxSpiral.

Today in the Lookout salon we see our heroes doing their hair, Kuzon is currently getting a weave while CertainlyNot is not comforting Elcid on her argument with HailMarry.

CN: Dayum
Elcid: I can't believe she would say stuff like that *cries*
CN: Cry away
ParadoxSpiral: I could sort things out if you want
Elcid: Ye-
CN: Mad, I got this one. KICK
*ParadoxSpiral walks over to 66*
MN: So..... here you're a rollback now..... congrats
66: Whatever.
*Michael storms into the salon*
Mike: A b!tch nigga, that's shet I don't like.
Elcid: What is it now?
Mike: Whats that supposed to mean?!
Elcid: No-
66: Elcid stop picking a fight!
Elcid: This is discrimination *runs out*
Mike: Rage quit *laughs with 66*
CN: That wasn't very nice. Who cares.
Kuzon: I swear, one day, you two will just end up killing each other
*Elcid gets a text*
From HM: Dumb-arse
Elcid: *walks back into salon crying and shows everyone the text*
Kuzon: I'm here for you girlfriend *hugs Elcid*


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