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Founded in 1051, this Ice Cream shop is known by many as the best shop in town, offering a variety of flavors and toppings, as well as pastries and cookies. Especially popular is the Kuz Cake Supreme. With 15 layers, it is the largest cake one can buy in Supreme City.

Here is the list of Flavors:

Birthday Cake Cake batter with vibrant rainbow sprinkles
Black Raspberry Crunch A rarely made black raspberry ice cream with mouth watering chocolate covered almonds
Black Walnut Captures the unique flavor of Black Walnuts with the perfect combination of our richness
Blue Moon A fruit loops tasting ice cream with super-secret natural ingredients
Blueberry Blueberry base with all-natural chunks of blueberries
Caramel Praline Sweet candy covered pecans mixed with electrifying Caramel swirls
Chocolate A richly made heavy chocolate
Chocolate Brownies A brownie infested chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Chip A lightly flavored vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips
Chocolate Custard Chocolate Ice Cream with french custard
Coffee A eye opening coffee flavored ice cream
Computer Chip© Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and a hint of orange flavor. Rick's Original since 1956. As Rick said "One Byte and you will Be Soft-ware in our hands"
Cookies & Dough Smashed up chocolate sandwich cookies mixed with cookie dough. MOST POPULAR FLAVOR EVER!!
Cotton Candy Carnival filled cotton candy flavored ice cream
French Vanilla Vanilla ice cream with silky french custard
Fudge Marble Fudge swirled in a lightly flavored vanilla ice cream
Honeydew Fresh Melons blended into smooth creamy Rick's perfection. Try it while it lasts..
Industrial Chocolate© The ultimate chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet, gooey fudge
Kulfi A Rose based ice cream with almonds, pistachios, saffron and cardamom spice
Lavender Honey Honey and lavender blossom for a sweet aromatic treat
Lemon Cookie or Lemon Chiffon (One at a time) Lemon Cookie- Tangy lemon ice cream with Vanilla Cookie crumbs. A refreshing treat for the summer season. 
Lemon Chiffon- Just the right amount of Lemon extract with the smooth Chiffon like texture
Lychee Taste the exotic fruit of China here at Rick's. Fresh lychees blended into smooth creamy richness. 
Marshmallow Treat Ooey Gooey Marshmallow Ice Cream with Rice Krispie Treats. 
Mexican Chocolate Chocolate based ice cream with Cinnamon
Mint Chocolate Chip The classic flavored mint ice cream with chocolate chips
Mint Cookies Intense Mint Ice Cream with America's Favorite Oreo Cookie Crumbs
Mocha Almond Fudge Coffee ice cream with almonds and swirled fudge
Peach Peach ice cream with refreshing and delicious pieces of peach.
Peppermint Chip Peppermint ice cream base with pieces of peppermint candy
Pistachio Almond Pistachio's and Almonds mixed together
Rainbow Sherbet Raspberry, Valencia Orange and Pineapple sherbets swirled together (Contains Dairy)
Rocky Road Chocolate ice cream with fluffy marshmallows and almonds
Rose Rose syrup form India which gives it its taste and the ability to smell like a rose
[1]Saffron Pistachio Pistachio ice cream with pistachios and threads of saffron
[2]Salty Caramel Burnt Caramel ice cream with a hint of ancient sea salt
Sideways Cabernet flavored ice cream with chocolate chips and swirls of black raspberry marble
Strawberry Strawberries!! and lots of strawberries with a touch of vanilla
Sweet Coconut Fresh grated coconut with Sweet Cream. A perfect summer treat!
Swiss Mocha Chocolate ice cream infused with coffee and chocolate chips
Tiger Tails© Summer Favorite! Orange ice cream with Fudge ripples..Only Avaialble in the summer!
Toasted Almond Almond flavored ice cream with almonds
Toffeeness Our twist to the English Toffee...this one will rock your world! Toffee base with Crunchy Toffee bits Covered with Chocolate
Vanilla Bean Our special blend of vanillas from Madagascar and Indonesia with crushed vanilla beans
White Chocolate Ginger The award winning flavor tastes just the way it sounds. Refreshing and with the right amount of zing, this one will make your taste buds go wild!


Mango Sorbet Natural Mango Sorbet
Lemon Sorbet Natural Lemon Sorbet
Valencia Orange Ice Natural Orange Sorbet
Wild Acai Berry Sorbet Natural Acai & Blueberry Sorbet
Small Cone 100 Zeni
Medium Cone 200 Zeni
Large Cone 300 Zeni
5-layer cake of any kind. 1500 Zeni
10-layer cake of any kind. 3000 Zeni
Kuz Cake Supreme 6000 Zeni
Large Soda Float of any kind 250 Zeni
Baker's Dozen of any kind of Cookie 1000 Zeni

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