This article, Lookout III (RP), is a Role-Play article.

Lookout III is the third role-play series on the wiki, boasting an entirely new personal omniverse only connected through The Existential Seed, being entirely separate from Lookout I and Lookout II, except for a few references here and there, through homages and interesting connections.  

In addition, Lookout II displays a structured linear plot like almost no other role-play series yet. It is meant to be the era in which the RP skills of the users are refined and channeled into a focal point. Unlike Lookout I and II, where random users could create and formulate arcs completely freely, Lookout III has a set and specific timeline for users to create extremely deep and interwoven arcs.

These guidelines would specify whether or not the arc was truly deep and interwoven, by connecting it to a web of events, then validating and canonizing each and every individual arc that a user may create. In addition to the main plot of the series, it is generated and controlled by the RP producers, who also have permission to ask users to help create and plan L3 in order for it to be an experience quite unlike any other available on the wiki.

Additional information on L3 will be added to the Lookout III Universe page, due it to being separate. It is a much more focused successor to Lookout II, and may tend to have a cinematic feel to it.


Lookout III, being an entirely new omniverse, is set in a completely different environment to Lookout I and II, in the harsh land of , where our characters fight against oppression, the mysteries of the world, and most importantly, to survive. Lookout III is intended to test the mettle of our userbase, while simultaneously allowing them to experience a  richer and more linear plot, all coming together to make a singular story. Users sought to refine the role-play experience of the wikia, completely revamping the entire experience, to try deeper, more meaningful role-play, the wikia and RP being quite a bit more mature than even L2 and L1, despite the first continuing even during the run of Lookout III.


  • It is actually recommended that if one has an arc idea /character idea they contact either Vegeta2314 or Alissa the Wise Wolf so that their arc can be properly implemented, as well as contribute to the substance of the overarching plot in a meaningful way, and just so the more cinematic feel of the RP can be preserved.

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