Guide to RP

This is the official guide to role-playing on the Lookout Wiki, for all RP that takes place within the Lookout I & II RP Universe. This guide will cover how RP is done and basic rules, like a handbook. All role-play (RP) pages require the category "Role-Play".

See the official Policy page for official RP rules. For a navigation of all the main wiki RP pages, see here. For Lookout III, see here.

How To

  • There are 3 types of RP here; Chat, Page, and Forum. Chat is the most popular next to Page. If you like fast-paced not-too-detailed RP, chat it is. If you prefer more detailed and lengthy RPs, page and forum are for you.
  • RPing on chat is done by putting any symbol (*, -, <) around the action sentence.
    • Example: -rushes you, followed by several kicks and an uppercut-
  • Godmodding or being too overpowered is prohibited (see the official rules page for more detail). Godmodding is forcing your move or reaction on other characters. Overpowered means you are way too strong than you should be.
  • Omnipotence is not allowed for anyone other than Elyus (alpha god), but nigh-omnipotence is.
  • If you use a pair of Dragon Balls, you must follow the rules and restrictions posted on the List of Dragon Balls and Wishes page, as well as update the page with your wish. Some require permission and most of the sets are locked up anyway (generally they are only used in emergencies requiring many characters).
  • The Official Lookout RP Timeline is not required to be updated but is recommended (but don't spam).
  • When creating a saga or arc, the List of Sagas and Arcs (Lookout RP) page must be updated and it must have its own page explaining what happened in the arc.

Creating a Character

See Example Character Page for a template.

  • Characters can be from any race (some may require an explanation for your existence). It is always important to read pages and look for details like that, that may hinder your character's origins or existence.
  • Achieving certain forms or being certain races may require permission from another user (though being bias and such is prohibited).
  • Godhood is seen as a very divine important rank and only very experienced characters may achieve it. If your character is a God (of something not already taken) from the start, you should ask an admin or other users about it first. See Gods of the Lookout Universe.
  • Character pages must have: the Role-Play category, a listed race, who owns/controls the character, an Abilities/Techniques section, and basic Biography section with a list of their origins and all major RPs they were in. This is to keep organization.

Adding Lore

  • Adding things to the universe is widely accepted and a fun way to make it more creative and diverse. However some things can contradict each other, so it is best to study up on things before you add them. The wiki already has tons of lore, history, extensions, etc.
  • Most universal origin lore is already covered: Elyus the Alpha God is the supreme omnipotent being of existence. Though he rarely involves himself in anything, and is controlled by the admins usually. The universe is about 1 trillion years old and divided into 4 quadrants, each with billions of galaxies (typically set at 100 billion galaxies). This creates a lot of room for diversity.

This template is optional but may be added to RP pages:You may also create your own unique RP template.

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