This article, Lookout Gangstas: Episode One, is property of ParadoxSpiral.

Today our crew face a tough challenge as a noob named HailMarry comes along and stairs some sh!t. What will the crew do?

Elcid: I'm gonna beat the crap out of him! *pacing up and down inside a warehouse*
CN: Bruv, calm down or I will beat you up
ParadoxSpiral: I can handle this
CN: MAD..... STHU I got this okay, now go home
*MN walks over to 66*
MN: So I here you became a Rollback, cool.
66: Are you ghey, why are you standing next to me? Get lost.
*MN walks away whilst Mike walks into the warehouse*
Mike: I just murked someone in RF bruv it was epic
Elcid: Shut up Mike, we have better things to do
Mike: Why you picking a fight? Are you mad?
MN: No I am
Mike: Shut the hell up you dumb n*gga
66: Elcid stop picking fights
Kuzon: People calm the f*ck down, or I will beat up all of you.
CN: So who is this HM anyway
Elcid: A NOOB, I took him under my wing and he is b!tching bout me like that. Is he stupid?!
MN: Calm
*Elcid gets a text from HM saying he wants a fight*
Elcid: He..... wants to fight me
CN: Serious?
Elcid: Yeah
MN: IAN, TALK FFS, TALK. Or are you still thinking about your time with that slut?
66: Which one?!
*everyone laughs*
Kuzon: Elcid, don't get involved yeah. I will handle this for you
MN: Can I?
Kuzon: MAD..... SHUT.... THE HELL.... UP!
MN: Sorry boss
66: Besides, didn't Elcid get murked by Pewp. Weeaaak
MN: Yep
MN: Dead
*HM storms in*
HM: Where is Elcid
Kuzon: You don't storm into my territory and start demanding things! Get out! 
CN: *throws HM out*
MN: I'm doing it next. *pokes Ian in the eye* B!TCH TALK! 
66: Stop touching him ghey boy, I bet when yo get home you will be fapping
*HM walks back in and starts fighting with Elcid, they are even*


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