This article, Lookout Adoption Center, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, Lookout Adoption Center, is a Role-Play article.

This is the Lookout Wiki Adoption Center! Where you can adopt Children and Pets that are currently available. Leave a Comment if you are looking to adopt one and which you want. New ones are added every dew days, so if you dont get one, make sure you get him/her before they are made into Chili and sold in participating Stores

Available Children

Jon Jon

He is a vine swinging human boy who swings on vines and never talks. He is 5. If you have woods near your house, he may be yours.

Price: $4,700


Billy is a Konat. He is serious a lot and hates playing. He likes drawing, but not just any kid drawing, he draws living things like flowers and stuff. He is 12 and loves nature.

Price: $6,500

Michael Iron

Michael Iron loves nature and loves the earth alot. He is kinda weak but can get stronger in due time. He hates litterers and he likes playing with bugs and aniamls. He is 13.


Availible Pets


Memow likes to Run around. She was a Stray Cat once until picked up. She eats lots of Rats and Mice and hates playing. She prefers to keep to herself.

Price: $150


Blue is a little kitty cat that is always sad. She likes to cuddle up against the window on gloomy, rainy days. Though she has a love for cheese.


Jelli is a female poodle who loves jello. She likes long walks in the park and to be pet. For a treat, she prefers jello (especially cherry!).

Price: $230

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