This article, Lola, is a Role-Play article.

is a young, mage-like woman who is the younger sister of Mia. She was the first meet Tenchi out of the two, and is one of the extremely rare magic-based power users in the known universe today. Tenchi followed her in hopes that she could increase his grasp on the magic powers that be laying within him. In a way, she can be called a master of Tenchi, serving as his first real teacher outside of the one that brought him up.

Like Tenchi and many of his allies, she is far more dangerous and fearsome then she may appear, as she was capable of instantly destroying the souls of an entire army of Cell Clones without so much as a single spell casted.


Lola prides herself on make her appeal to the opposite sex, though by Tenchi's word, she'd never admit it. She is a young blond haired woman in her late-teens and is known to wear a variety of different clothing and outfits, as she is a girly person in that regard.



Powers & Abilities

Lola has a vast array of magical powers and abilities which make her a potentally lethal opponent while in the heat of battle. She does not rely on physical strength or energy projection all too much, instead taking a defensive approach which gives her a tremendous adantage over even the strongest of opponents in battle.

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