The following is a complete list of Techniques and Attacks used by Tenchi throughout the course of Dragon Ball Lookout and various other series'.

Techniques List

  • Super Speed: Tenchi moves at mach speeds.
  • Super Agility: Tenchi can accomplish immense acrobatic acts.
  • Super Strength: Tenchi can lift extreme weights.
  • Ki Blast: The most basic form of energy wave. Tenchi's are extremely strong.
  • Ki Charge: Tenchi can charge his power to endless heights.
  • Cosmic Awarness: Tenchi is aware of everything happening in the Universe at once.
  • Flight: Tenchi can fly and defy gravity with levitation.
  • Instant Transmission: Tenchi can teleport FTL.
  • Instant Fighting: Tenchi can fight Instantly.
  • Instant Movement: Tenchi can move FTL.
  • Bunkai Teleport Tenchi can disassemble and reassemble at will.
  • Perceptual Movement: Tenchi is so fast he "transcends space-time" altogether.
  • Hokuto Shinken: Tenchi is the successor of the legendary fighting style.
  • Obliterate Tenchi's special Destructor move.
  • Transformation: Tenchi can transform
  • Precognition: Tenchi can see the future and predict his opponents moves.
  • Mind Reading: Tenchi can see the thoughts and memories of his opponents.
  • Silence: Tenchi can seal his opponents speech.
  • Telekinesis: Tenchi may control or restrict his opponents movements.
  • Memory Modification: Tenchi may modify, warp, implant, or remove the memories of his opponents.
  • History Alteration: Tenchi can insert himself into anybodies history.
  • Lighthawk Wings: Tenchi can create universe busting swords that deny the existence what they cut.
  • The Lighthawk Sword The Strongest Lighthawk wing created by many wings.
  • Dark Horizon:
  • Rift Barrage:
  • Black Hole
  • Stellarnova
  • Darkhawk Slash
  • Infinity Big Bang Storm
  • Blood Harvest
  • Death Burial
  • Bleeding Rush
  • Big Bang Attack:
  • Dodonpa:
  • Scatter Finger Beam:
  • Hokuto Hyakkuretsu-Ken
  • Revenger Cannon:
  • Revenger Charge:
  • Salza Blade:
  • Spirit Sword:

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