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Hello! I'm here to write about Lise

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Appearance and Personality and Alternate Names

Her appearance is a skinny yet stable appearance. She wears the madalion that her father wore before he died around her neck, a blue over gi and a black under gi, and regular shoes and gold hoop earings. She's abut as tall as Goku, maybe a little taller.

She has a strong sense of hurt and pain due to early child life. She's very outgoing and has her brothers humor. Can be harsh, bi-polar and angry and sudden times. She loves food, like any other Saiyan, and is a great cook.

Alternate Name (s): Katniss, Princess Katniss, or Princess

Power levels

She has one main one because it's her most common form, but I'll list them all.


Ssj 1:

Ssj 2:

(All are coming soon due to lack of rememberance)

Backstory on: Early and mid life

When she was a child, her parents wanted her to be conceald so that no one knew what happened to the child untill one day drivin by lonlieness she excaped and made for a random house. The people took her in but only to be slaughtered by Prince Vegeta, for they thought that the peasants had kidnapped her. Vegeta brought her back home only to be confronted by Hell again. The messanger, Azuel, had nothing of this and didn't know it was going on untill one day Queen Adelde and Lise had a fight, after King Vegeta died. The fight was over the madallion and who got it. She didn't want it, but her mother said that King Vegeta said: "Who ever see's me die and is the only one who knows the truth." Lise was appaled that it had to be her and she didn't want it. But her mother made her take it.

Mid life: (lol I'm lazeh I don't feel like doing it right now....)

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