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"A long time ago...SS wished to show the entire universe the path of the light...He died protecting his friends and family...It was a true shame how it happened...He will never be forgotten...He was a true hero...More than Zion or nearly anyone on the entire Lookout Crew...He was light...He was infinity...He was the greatest hero this universe would know. He chose me to become his reincarnation...It is a true honor to feel SS' power within your blood...Nobody understands the power he had...He never got a chance to use all of it...Of course it was never needed...But can you imagine the power he had locked up? He could have crushed enemies with a simple swipe of his hand!...SS...If you're out there...If you can hear me...I promise you...I WILL SHOW EVERYONE THE PATH OF LIIIIGHT!!!"

Lingering SM is SM's most powerful form. His armor becomes white and black,as does his Keyblade. This form represents the anger within SM's heart. The pain,sorrow,greed,and every other demeaning quality about him exists within this form. He uses his anger to push his power to new limits. Higher than Infinity. The power SM gains is a combination of SS and SM. He gains SS' power and his rockets to new heights as well. While SM is in this form,he wanders around,like an empty shell. SM loses his heart upon entering this form,and he does not get it back.

SM And Lingering SM

Lingering SM is not simply a transformation of SM,it is also a different person. When SM transforms into this form,he becomes someone else. Not just mentally but physically. He changes into a humanoid-type Martian. His hair turns silver,and his eyes turn golden. He is still SM,just a different side of him.

Countless Abysses

SM gains multiple "shapes" or different "forms" while Lingering. There are several of Light,and many of Darkness. SM can harness these forms whenever he feels like it.But he loses power. If he transforms into light,all his dark energy disappears. Where as if he is darkness,the light burns out. They differ in size,shape,and color. The form he enters all depends on SM's emotions. He only uses these forms in battle.

Corrupted Abysses

The Corrupted Abysses are light or dark "forms" like the Countless versions,but in these SM has no control of himself. And the power of these forms are extremely more powerful than the other forms.


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