This article, Lightning Beast: Shura, is a Role-Play article.

Lightning Beast: Shura is one of the 3 Mythical Lightning Beasts.
Raiton Kuropansa


Shura is a lightning spirit sealed within Tsuki Shatogen's Sealing Gourd, he was sealed long ago before Tsuki even got the Sealing Gourd, Tsuki's father was the one to seal it. Shura looks like a black panther of lightning.


Shura was accidentally made by a strike of lightning that hit the core of the Earth, it was how all three of the 3 Mythical Lightning Beasts were made. Many have told about it's story until the modern days, once Tsuki's father had sealed it within the Sealing Gourd, Shura has been struggling to get out of the gourd, but once the gourd was in Tsuki's hands, it seemed fine to it.


  • Tsuki's father - Very first to seal and wield the Sealing Gourd.
  • Tsuki Shatogen - After taking after his father, the Sealing Gourd was passed down to him.


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