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Lighthawk Wings
are the ultimate weapons used by Tenchi . They are pure energy constructs that can attack and defend against anything. They are a source of tremendous power. The Light Hawk Wings are primarily a defensive shield capable of repelling virtually any attack. They can also be used as an offensive weapon with vast results, but this is not their intended function. Tenchi explained the true nature of the Light Hawk Wings later in the series; they are our universe's manifestations of energy from a higher plane of existence. The generation of Light Hawk Wings requires a phenomenal amount of energy.

During the final battle with the antagonist Kagaho, Tenchi discovered that he could create Light Hawk Wings without the assistance of a Royal Tree, and could freely convert this energy into matter: armor, shields, and a sword. With these powers, Tenchi defeated Kagaho with a single lethal blow, and later used them to escape a black hole that he, Kureha, and Miharu were trapped inside in. Unfortunately for Tenchi, he was not alone in commanding the Light Hawk Wings. A mysterious man called Jadai, who served Kirei, could generate five Wings to Tenchi's three. Jadai reveals that the three Choushin have been searching creation for eons, trying to discover a being beyond even them. Kureha, Washi, and Tsuname each used different methods to continue the hunt, but all three altered the harmony of space and time hoping to cause anomalies that would make the higher power reveal itself. Instances where affected individuals were able to control what we know as Light Hawk Wings were regarded as "potentials", but in the end, only Tenchi was recognised as that higher being.

In Dragon Ball R-P, Tenchi inadvertently gained control of Light Hawk Wings when he came into contact with a billion-year-old mecha hidden on a small Wau planet. The mecha was powered by a first-generation Royal Tree seed, and when it bound itself to Tenchi, he unleashed the Wings, decimating the fleet sent to kill him and penetrating subspace (a feat thought to be impossible) to destroy a fleeing ship.

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