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Ligesh is the older brother of Kotaz. He is 23 and mainly evil. He wants to end his brother, so that he can rule New Vegeta.


Ligesh is smart, witty, devious and undermining. He rarely fights fair and will do anything to win. He has a very cynical look on life. People even say he could be insane.


Ligesh was off planet at the age of 18, he is more than 5 years older than Kotaz now because of the destruction of Vegeta. After many years he found his brother and tried to kill him. Kotaz was stronger than he thought so he retreated. Now, in his space pod on his way to Earth, he is plotting against Kotaz.

Failed Attempt At Hostile Take Over

Legish fought Kotaz, who was fighting with Destiny. Ligesh dominated them in no time. He decided to blow up New Vegeta, so he tried. He threw a Death Ball but it was countered by Kotaz's Kamehameha and Destiny's Pure Soul Cannon. When there was no chance of victory for Kotaz and Destiny the unthinkable happened. Kotaz fired 2 Death Saucers. They went through the Death Ball making it explode and then they sliced Ligesh in half. Ligesh fell to the ground but blew Kotaz into the palace with a Supernova. Destiny then took off half of Ligesh's face with a Pure Soul Cannon. He retreated into space in his pod right afterwads and is plotting his revenge.


  • SSJ
  • USSJ
  • ASSJ
  • LSSJ
  • SSJ2
  • SSJ3
  • SSJ4
  • FPSSJ4
  • SSJ5
  • FPSSJ5
  • USSJ5
  • SSJ6
  • SSJ7
  • SSJ8
  • SSJ9
  • SSJ10
  • SSJ11
  • SSJ12
  • SSJ13
  • SSJ0


  • Ki Blast
  • Ki Barrage
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Top Class Warrior
  • Dirty Fireworks
  • Genocide Breaker
  • Saiyan Spirit
  • Arm Break
  • Here's A Present
  • Double Sunday
  • Burning Attack
  • Tail Choke
  • Galick Gun
  • Final Flash
  • Final Revenger
  • Spirit Cannon
  • Arm Break
  • Blazing Storm
  • Kamehameha
  • Death Ball
  • Supernova
  • Energy Ball
  • Full Power Energy Ball
  • Kaioken (1-20)
  • Final Burst Cannon
  • Maximum Flasher
  • Super Energy Blast Volley
  • Super Energy Wave Volley

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