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Leonn is a Human stronger than a Super Saiyan. He is 25.


As a boy, Leonn fought and trained everyday. He was bullied in school along with . They formed a great friendship, sometimes they got into fights, But always made up. One day when they were old enough, they entered the Martial Arts Tournament. Him and Ian both got to the Finals. They fought and fought, the match finally ended when Leonn knocked Ian and Ian knocked Leonn out of the ring, it was considered a tie. As he got older, he became stronger, and more stubborn. He met Gogi, and easily disliked him at first sight, he didn't care much for Topazo. Him and Gogi grew to be Rivals. He is residing with Ian.


Leonn's power is about equal to Ian's Supreme Super Saiyan.
Leonn 2

Leonn about to fire a Extreme Beam.

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