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Lemec is a Tuffle and main character featured in The Tuff Tuffle.


Lemec is a tall, muscular Tuffle (about 6 feet). His hair is similar to Gohan's in the Buu and GT Sagas.

He wears a green fighting cuirass (Like Goku's but green with no symbol) along with baggy pants. In his look around people (Tuffles) he wears regular Tuffle clothing so no one knows of his fighting attitude. His shoes are fur boots and he wears wrist bands.


He is a hot-headed bandit (once was) who vowed revenge to Great Apes (Saiyans) that killed his family. He has a very confident attitude and at first hates Goku and Vegeta because they're saiyans until they fight him fairly. He also doesn't get sad very often at all, he is always the one to speak first and he gets mad easily.


Lemec was born around the time Goku was to a Hidden Tuffle family on Planet Plant that the saiyans never knew about. He was a very small baby, no hair and stayed in a rocker for his first 2 days. Two days after he was born the Saiyans found his family and destroyed them, but in the action his parents threw him in a small space pod and launched him to a unknown planet.

A week later, the pod landed on Planet Glarma, a less populated planet with high teal green forests and sky blue oceans. Lemec crawled out. After a day or two, a man found him and took him in (similar to Gokus' story). The man had a daughter who was Lemec's age. The 2 grew up and got trained by the man, year after year. Lemec made a relationship with Clace, the man's daughter. They're boyfriend and girlfriend now, training together.

After unknown events, Lemec found out where the last saiyans were hiding with a piece of Tuffle technology left in his pod by his parents. So with a ship he blasted off to Earth to kill the last ones with his unlocked form.

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