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Legendary Justice

Legendary Justice Vegitax

Legendary Justice is a tranformation discovered by Vegitax. It can only be achieved by a determined soul of a person who promises to protect all things good. So far Vegitax, TragJaxson Strider and Thorlex are the only ones to achieve the form.


Legendary Justice exceeds power beyond what can be thought of, although Vegitax has mastered it in 3 years, he even discovered new form of the Legendary Justice.

The user's hair turns a glowing light green, skin turns dark and gains red eyes. Transformation's burst is so powerful it can exterminate minor enemies.

The user, once transformed, has a craving for battle, he/she will do anything to fight for the sole purpose to protect everything but the dark.

Ultimate Victor

The advanced version of the Legendary Justice, it is technically the same but with enhanced abilities. The user gains a blue soldier uniform-like clothing with an upward collar.

Given Abilities

  • Regeneration - The user of Legendary Justice can slowly regenerate lost body parts, similar to a manner of regeneration of Namekians or Majins.
  • Extreme Strength - With such speed yet with such brutality, users of this can easily defeat an opponent.
  • Blinding - Users can blind their opponents for a limit of 20 seconds.



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