Baby ss

The leader of the heroes, SS

The Legendary Heroes (dubbed by Matoro) are a team of six warriors that protect the universe from zeri and other evil.


  • - SS is the leader, he became it after Matoro and Mewtwo agreed.
  • - Matoro keeps things fun and also is the brains.
  • - The serious guy...always calm. He really believes in SS.
  • Zari - SS refuses to believe Zari is dead so he made him apart of this.
  • Jake - Honorary member. After SS met him he turned good.
  • - Honorary member. Became strong enough when SS turned him half ape.

Fused members

Satoro - fused member of SS and Matoro

Jrae - fused member of Jake and Drake

Dak - potara fusion of Jake and Drake

- fusion of SS and Jake


In the near future the heroes are still united...just older...and a lot more strong.


Nova - the trainer of ss

Leogian-SS' big rival

- the original namekian of zeri and zari

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