This article, Legend, is a Role-Play article.

Name Legend
Debut RP
User HeroLegacy
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth Sometime in the distant future
Date of Death Unknown
Height 6'3"
Weight 210 lbs. (of pure muscle)
Professional Status
Affiliation ???
Occupation ???
Address Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives ???
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Legend is the main Role-Playing Character of HeroLegacy.



The back of Legend's suit

Legend is a warrior sent from the future to fight alongside The Lookout Crew. He was sent by an elder member of The Lookout Crew,this member said the Crew was the greatest force in the universe.Legend was sent to be an ally to them. His power is amazing,due to the fact the elderly member of the Crew trained him. His last moments in his time was sitting at the deathbed of his Master. His Master spoke words that would stay in his ears forever."Promise will make a difference in time..."then he passed away. With that promise, Legend traveled through time.


Legend, with his mask on


He comes from a time when the Universe is nearly wiped out,so he rarely smiles or laughs. He is more serious than anything. He is always ready for any opposing threat. He will due anything to live up to his promise to his Master, The elderly member. His power is unbelievable. He is usually watching the civilians or looking at famous monuments in his free time. He carries the mask from his time with him at all times.


  • Kamehameha
  • Tri Beam
  • Time Buster - An attack Legend created himself, he uses the power of time to send a powerful blast at the opponent
  • Basic Ki Blast
  • Flight
  • Solar Flare


He has a red marking around his right eye. He has golden eyes. He has mostly yellow hair,but has purple hair in the front. He wears a black and white mask with different markings. He wears gold shoulder-plates. He has a black and white armor-suit. He rarely ever smiles.

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